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5 amazing cat toys your cat will LOVE

Spoil your furry friends with these 5 amazing cat toys that they will go absolutely crazy for! After all, their entertainment is our entertainment too!

Animals: the incredible way they see the world

Animals see the world differently than we humans see it. Have you ever wondered how the dog, the cat or even the flies see the world?

Meet Smudge the cat from “Woman yelling at cat” meme

Don’t worry about Smudge the cat getting tired of being a superstar: Stillabower says he receives “a ton of treats during the photoshoots.”
Does my cat love me? 6 signs to look for

Does my cat love me? 6 signs to look for

“Does my cat love me?” is a question that many cat owners have, including me. Don't worry though, there are a few signs you can look up for.

Cat aggression explained: what you’re doing wrong

Against popular belief, cat aggression isn't random. It can be predicted if you pay close attention to your cat. Here is what you might be doing wrong!

Fostering cats and dogs: why it’s a great idea

Fostering cats and dogs is a wonderful option aside from donating to shelters or simply adopting. Read more to find out details about fostering pets!

Eight most common cat sounds explained

Some noises that cats make completely baffle their humans. Find out the meaning behind eight of the most common cat sounds we are aware of!

Training your cat can be easy: three helpful tips

Most people know that dogs can be trained. But what if that were the case for cats as well? Here are three tips for training your cat!

Cats and their amazing properties

Cats possess amazing properties. Properties that even cat owners may have never heard of. Take a look at these mind-blowing facts about cats!

Gift ideas for your cat

Christmas is all about family, which includes your fur babies. If you are stuck on what to get your feline friends, here are some gift ideas.

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