Friendship – 2 Signs it’s Toxic


Friendships are an important part of our lives, they help us develop and relate with each other. We need friends to have fun together, but also to get through unpleasant situations more easily because some of us need support from our friends.

But what do we do when a friendship becomes toxic and how do we recognize the signs of a toxic one? We all have good days and bad days, but you do not always have to forgive the constant angry outbursts of your friends.

   Signs of a Toxic Friendship

If a friend constantly underestimates you even through jokes that seem innocent, it can mean that you are caught in a not so healthy friendship. Another sign is the way your friends treat your problems, if the discussion deviates or they minimize your feelings, it is time to take action.

In addition, a bad general vibe is always an alarm signal, because we have to feel comfortable around friends. Another sign not to be missed is emotional blackmail. People who resort to such a measure often take advantage of the indulgence of those around them.

Friendship - 2 Signs it's Toxic

   How to Get out of it

Sometimes we think that the best solution is to slowly move away from a person, but toxic friends will not let you go easily. They will always find reasons to make you feel guilty. It is best to say firmly that you do not want to continue the friendship. And be ready to experience a storm of mostly unfounded reproaches, but at least you got rid of a bad influence forever.

Friendship - 2 Signs it's Toxic

A toxic friendship has many negative effects, including low self-esteem and dependence on that toxic person. Have the courage to face that “friend” so that they can no longer affect you. And you will finally be free to find people with whom you can resonate more.

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