Awesome TV series I rewatched over and over again


Have you ever rewatched a TV series an unhealthy number of times? That’s what I’ve been doing lately, for no reason whatsoever. I tried watching the latest Netflix releases but none of them are interesting enough for me. Could it be the nostalgia and the comfort I feel as I rewatch these shows? Maybe. Here’s a few TV series that I never get tired of watching again and again: 


H2O – Just Add Water 

Ok, hear me out. H2O – Just Add Water is a classic. Because of this show, I still am 100% sure that mermaids exist. We just haven’t found them yet. Theories aside, this is one of my favorite shows to rewatchIf you haven’t seen H2O: Just Add Water yet and you love everything mermaid-related, please watch itIt’s honestly one of the best series about mermaids to date. Most episodes are available for free on YouTube and they’re all 23-25 minutes long.  

Awesome TV series I rewatched over and over again

Gossip Girl 

Although Gossip Girl ended in 2012, it will forever remain iconic. The drama follows the lives of extremely rich teenagers who live in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Gossip Girl, a mysterious blogger, who is obviously an insider of the privileged group of teenagers, gives information about the elite of Manhattan. Gossip Girl’s identity is revealed in the last season of the show – it will shock you; I promise! If you watched Elite, you’ll love Gossip Girl. 

Awesome TV series I rewatched over and over again

Modern Family 

This sitcom is totally worth watching – it’s hilarious, it’s diverse and the cast is great. Modern Family is a show about three interrelated families who live in LA. Its mockumentary style is what makes the sitcom great. The storyline is great, never dull and you easily get invested in the lives of these three funny families. If you watched The Office, you’ll probably enjoy watching Modern Family too.  


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