A word on body types


I guess you all know by now that every word about body types has been a huge problem since the begging of time. Lately I have been a little more focused on what I say. What everyone says. How the language we use helps stereotypes and twisted mindsets to survive. As soon as our appearance and bodies are concerned, different phrases and words in different languages are doing the work.

A word on body types

I first realized it when I was in junior high school and our teacher in English told us to be careful with how we refer to someone. I kept thinking about that when I went back home, I even told my parents that it may be wrong to refer to someone as fat or thin. This was how what my teacher told me affected me.

This made me think about the way we verbalize our thoughts. We call someone anorexic or chubby or fatty or tiny. We keep finding words to describe someone’s body. After that, we even parallelize human bodies to objects or foods. And then construct a whole theory of body types-apple, athletic etc. -and find clothes that suit-or not- each one of them.

A word on body types A word on body types

We may think that by constructing these body types, we will stop calling someone ‘fat’ or ‘skeleton’, but the truth is that these are labels, too. And they are as bad as the other ones. They can hurt someone, too. Someone who does not identify with any of these body types. Because we can’t categorize anyone under made-up, constructed by certain industries body types. Nobody can only be one thing. And that’s why we don’t fully or particularly belong in any body type.

A word on body types


But that makes me think of something else. This is not about how we verbalize our thoughts only. It’s about our thoughts and words themselves. Just as we construct body types, we form thoughts. But we can change them, too. Start UNfocusing on people’s body types. That can be a thought for us all.


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