A walk in November


It was again November, that time of the year when nature falls into depression. The days are gloomy, sad, and feel like they are taken from a drama movie. No vivid green leaves to color the mighty trees, leaving them only with a few tones of mustard yellow, and other lifeless colors. Most people were staying inside, being afraid to face winter’s assistant, but not me. I was walking in the deserted park with the girl I loved.

We were quietly walking on the alley holding our hands like two little plants, who rose from the same root. The feelings which I had for her, and the happiness born in me, made me blind to the outside world. For me, mother nature wasn’t falling into a deep sleep but was beginning to wake up, just like my heart’s pulse. There were no birds around, no flowers, only brownish mud, and crows whose voices echoed through the park, but in my brain, there were jackdaws, pigeons, eagles, and fresh flowers roamed by an infinite number of insects.

I turned my attention to my sweetheart’s eyes, that were shooting electric arrows from their brown holsters, directly into my soul. Her dark hair and big hazelnut eyes were blending perfectly with the environment, making her the embodiment of nature itself. We just walked and walked round and round the park, in what seemed to be only a few minutes, but in reality, they were a few hours.

I took her home after a few hours, establishing a new date, and went back home, never forgetting the day when the Earth stood still for me…

Love changes us and you must treasure it. If you want to know more about this subject, you may want to read this article.

Photo: Mitu Adrian


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