A Student’s life: traveling is my way of survival and 6 nostalgic moments

A student’s life before the pandemic was full of movement. Before the pandemic, students in Romania (and not only) used to travel weekly or once in a while back home for supplies. (Yes, we would have done our groceries to our parent’s home). I will list what I miss the most about the student phase in my life.

1. When you go home you’ll be productive and other hillarious jokes from a student’s life.

We have to choose between a weekend studying and a weekend with a bounty of food. Of course, we often lied to ourselves and packed textbooks, books, and our laptops to assure ourselves that we will work on that weekend.
Guess who would touch those listed before only Sunday evening or Monday morning.
Going home implies a lot of effort in a student’s life. Depending on where your hometown is, a train ride could be too short to work on something, or too long and you would probably fall asleep trying. My train ride is 2 hours long, but I have to reserve half a day for going home.
When you arrive, there is no way you could study. There are some hours when studying is prohibited . You need to take care a little bit more about your body, right?
After that, the next day you have to be worried about what you’d eat in the next week so that your mother could prepare it for you.
Until you have made a four-course menu for your dorm table, you spend almost half of your day. Studying home feels so wrong, it may be on the list with Studying is prohibited if…

2. A student’s life of trying to study on the train 

In rare cases, if you succeed to study on the train, you can feel really motivated. Don’t worry, it doesn’t last long. Your motivation will be gone by the time you arrived at your destination.
You might have some rare moments when you feel that you have your life together, but don’t worry, it is just a student’s life illusionary moment.
But while you study on the train, people probably observed you and your self-esteem might go higher than your stress level. You are there, focused on your work, you understood things and you tell yourself:
“I did so much in such a short time, at home I will do much more than that”. For sure 😉

3. The best part of the student’s life: the food

Living in the dorm means a lot of instant ramen. It is cheap, fast, and easy to make. But as soon as you see your parent’s fridge, you feel like a decent human being again. Your first meal might be a little too much for your instant ramen appetite.
If only you could eat in advance…
Being home feels like some kind of luxury living compared with your cramped dorm. Here everything is clean, there is plenty of food and there is no object that could remind you of your academic stress.

5. Traveling to another dimension of a student’s life

The train can feel like a parallel universe in a student’s life. You feel you leave behind another personality of yours, and you probably do. You develop differently in a new city where you have been on your own so far, and you become someone else.
Going home, you feel you travel back to your version from the past, to you that appreciates the advantages of living with your parents. Your hometown only knows one version of yourself, the version that grew there.

6. Not a 2020 student’s life: Returning to the student dorm

Back to your place, you feel free again. You feel you grow inside and that you can be the most authentic version of yourself. You embrace the noises of your neighbors, the smallness of your room, and even the forgotten instant ramen in the bowl by the bed.
There was no better feeling for me. Returning to your home, that now is supplied with food, clean clothes, and with a shadow of motivation gained on the train. Life feels good, right?
A student’s life is chaotic and sleepless. That was the life of most students in Romania before the pandemic hit. I feel most nostalgic writing this now, as I have only experienced half of my student experience


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