A new face of animal cruelty – they also have their family!


Yes, this sick, cruel way of behaving with animals- it really exists. I write these words because one day I was out of my mind with boredom. Because of that, I was looking at a section with the titles of that day’s news. So today we’re talking about… A new face of animal cruelty. They also have their family!

I was scrolling as the curious human being that I am. And I noticed a topic that moved me so hard that I needed to share it with you.

That news was about two guys that hung on to the ceiling pipe… a poor pup. The horror was unimaginable, the cretinism of those two guys exceeded any limits. So, the desire to get some revenge for that pup was constantly increasing in me. I’m horrified by their souls, those monsters, creatures and universe anomalies that want to fulfill their desires on animals, their souls, and their minds. Overall, this is the kind of cruelty that makes me hate the human species. The pain that I feel in my soul when I see animals mistreated by humans known as “RATIONAL” beings, it psychically and emotionally overwhelms me.

I want revenge, an act of cruel revenge, and I’m desperately looking for justice for those suffering creatures.

Animal cruelty…

I truly believe that animal cruelty is a crucial issue. Personally, I think that violence itself is an all-time low for humanity. Well, I just want to say that animal cruelty is much more horrible.

I know, exporting food or making a feast means animal sacrifice. I can’t stand knowing they are tortured. These animals don’t deserve their fate – but still, there are plenty of these monsters that are killing and makes these poor souls suffer. Indeed, neither of those on the table or those on the showcases deserve this cruel fate (pigs, cows and all), but sadly that is their purpose.

That’s why they are born and that’s why we take care of them until one point when their time has come. There is a colossal difference. We allow them to continue their existence through their descendants, multiply and offer us a sacrifice to keep us alive.

If you want to tell me something about that, please judge me and tell me how dumb I am for thinking like that.

But I see the difference between the animals without the power of defense and the ones which have it, one that can or cannot be domesticated/tamed. We protect them as needed and we feed them and offer them all the best so, in the end, when their clock strikes, they will also give us the best they can.

I want you to make a difference between cruelty, torture, violence, revenge and sacrifice, continuity and destiny.

However, could we have punishment for those who commit these acts? No. Should we vote to kill them on the spot? No. The only solution would be torture. They do this to animals for pleasure, for fun or entertainment. They should feel by themselves what an animal feels when it’s tortured. To endure days without food, water, only physical violence.

Whether those sufferings made you think about how hard life can be sometimes and how helpless you can feel, I suggest you click here!

The love for animals

We all love animals, we all think about our doggie or our cat that is waiting for us home. We want to offer them a piece of food, a piece of our love and some attention.
Do not torment animals, don’t make them suffer. The way you cry when you think you are helpless is the same way it cries when you torture it. It feels betrayed, it feels too much pain for its little body and it knows that no help will come, except you. Do not torment it and don’t make it lose their trust in you.

Protect the soul beside you that wants to be loved, support it and offer it the best version of you.

It will thank you with its own life. When your pet feels that you are sad, it comes to you and encourages you with its presence. It pulls you out form this crazy online world. It brings you down to Earth and shows you that it is alive and it needs you.

Author: Cristea Alexandru


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