A movie advent calendar


Every year, December first is a wonderful day for me. In many ways, it feels like an early Christmas Day, because that is when I make a start on my advent calendars.

If you don’t know, an advent calendar is a special calendar that helps you count down the days until Christmas. There are many versions of it available nowadays, from more traditional ones where you have to put in your own little daily gift, to more modern ones filled with beauty goods or sweets.

I have quite the sweet tooth, so I usually have at least two chocolate ones that I impatiently wait to open in December. However, there is a different sort of advent calendar that I look forward to – a film advent calendar.

It’s so easy to make.

It also makes for a great way to wind down every evening until Christmas and helps you get into the holiday spirit more and more.

All you need to do is write a list of 24 Christmas movies that you want to see. I usually go for a mixture of old favourites (this includes things like Klaus, The Grinch, Polar Express, The Holiday, Elf, Love Actually), some new Netflix releases (for this year, I included Holidate, The Princess Switched Again, Jingle Jangle, The Christmas Chronicles) and there are usually a few honourable mentions (this year I am excited to see Happiest Season).

I purposefully leave out Home Alone because I know that all four movies will be shown on TV. When I do catch them on, I either consider that my film of the day and sped a weekend watching two movies from my list on Saturday and Sunday, or I make those days a two-movie day. Either way, it just means more Christmas cheer!

I make my list on a piece of paper and cut out the movie titles, fold them and put them in a little bowl that I keep on my bedside table. Every evening when I settle down for a movie with my cup of hot chocolate, I just take out one of those pieces of paper. That way, the movie selection is totally random.

This would be lovely to do with someone else, too.

You can try it out with people, even if they live with you or to bring you closer to those who are far away right now. The possibilities are endless here.

Besides just watching the movies together, you can take turns picking out the movie title from the list. For this, you can either make an actual advent calendar on paper, drawing out 24 squares where you write the titles, and sticking flaps on top with the number of days. Or you can make it digitally. You can also have them guess the film of the day by sending them clues, like pictures of the actors who are starring in the movie, or songs from the soundtrack.

Even if you decide to enjoy it by yourself or with someone dear, a movie advent calendar is a different way to get excited about Christmas and get into the holiday mood.


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