A lieutenant colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces claims Coronavirus is manmade

Coronavirus is manmade
Coronavirus is manmade

Right now, there are a lot of experts who support the hypothesis that says the Wuhan Coronavirus was created in a lab. This is due to its resemblance to the HIV virus. A lieutenant colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces claims Coronavirus is manmade! Let’s see what this is about.

Dany Shoham, an expert in Bio-Weapons, revealed to the public that in Wuhan there are two genetic laboratories that keep and process lethal viruses, just like it was with the Coronavirus. The two laboratories were part of the Chinese military program of bio-weapons, an aspect deemed illegal.

Immediately after this statement, a highly respected Indian epidemiologist said that after testing, several irregularities in the virus genome were found. This demonstrates that:

The genome, consisting of DNA and RNA, was created in a laboratory.

After the “Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nGov spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag” study was conducted, it has been brought into the light that some segments from the Wuhan Coronavirus genome are identical to segments of HIV. The most important thing is that this segment can’t be found in any other type of Coronavirus, of which there are three types. So, Coronavirus is manmade?

They isolated some segments of the Coronavirus RNA, ones that don’t have any link to the other two types, such as SARS. Even so, the resemblance is extremely high and the supported hypothesis is that they come from the HIV virus. This is why there exists the theory that the Wuhan Coronavirus was created in a lab.

This discovery is strongly related to the claims of Chinese doctors, who stated that the virus may respond to treatment using anti-HIV medicine.

Even though the work of the Indians wasn’t declared official and wasn’t subjected to verification procedures, the theory is credible due to the high resemblance with the warnings of Danny Shohman. He was an Intelligence Officer in the Israeli Military, owning a PhD. in medical microbiology and is a senior analyst of Israeli military intelligence for chemical and biological warfare in the Middle East and the rest of the world. He is a lieutenant colonel.

One reason explaining how this virus could have been created is the extreme pollution from recent years.

Pollution became an alarm for humanity, aggravating and destroying a high number of animals and areas with a high capacity for oxygen production. Measures have been taken, but only in the extremely grave cases or immediately after incidents. Everything was buried, but not for everyone.

After the emergence of the Wuhan Coronavirus, pollution in China dropped by 10% due to the deaths, and it is rising.

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