Run Wild (2018): a creative comic book

I don’t read many comic books, but when I read, I read something captivating. Run Wild is no exception. It was a pleasant reading which took 2 hours, and I’m sure most of the time was just me looking at the art style because it is so eye-catching.
The writer of this comic book is K. I. Zachopoulos, and the art is made by Vincenzo Balzano. If these names tell you nothing, maybe you heard about their other works: The Cloud, Mister Universe, or Clinton Road. If you don’t, don’t worry! As far as I’m concerned, they are not so well-known.
The story is about two siblings who are the last humans on Earth. They don’t know that, and they don’t know why their mother left them. They go on a journey (or run wild) with the purpose of finding their mother. On the road, they meet some strange animals, and the mystery starts to unravel.
What is good about it?
#1st thing: the art style
Probably the most astonishing thing about Run Wild. The color blending is simply marvelous, with some pages being full of colors and others with just a couple of shades of the same color. It gives you a cool vibe, sometimes eerie or just like in a fairy-tale.
The character design seems to be made just from a couple of lines or one stroke which gives fluidity to the page. It is like your eyes are following the lines of the painting, and then you glance one more time over it before jumping to the other section.
The layout is uncommon, consisting of one-page illustrations or no more than 3-4 panels at a time. The letters are also charming, a bit childish.
Run Wild
Picture taken from Run Wild
run wild
Picture taken from Run Wild
Run Wild
Picture taken from Run Wild
#2nd thing: the story
Although it might be a bit boring, I think Run Wild is a good option for easy short readings. The plot is simple, and everything unfolds quite easily. It might bring nostalgia for those who like to read fairy tales, or a warm feeling for those who enjoy lighthearted writings.
Pay attention! The twist is more tragic than you predict.
What is not so good about it?
I’m not a fan of how the story developed. It felt a bit like they remained without ideas, so they kept the mystery longer than necessary. In the end, how they decided to reveal everything was a bit hard to digest. But I think it is a matter of taste, not a definite flaw.
The other stuff is just average. You don’t fall in love with the characters, but you feel something for them. It is entirely up to you how you judge them and what you think about their actions. Likewise, you might feel a bit frustrated with some decisions, and the ending might just leave you with a ‘meh.’.
Should I read it?         
Of course! Just keep in mind that is a comic book that relies heavily on how it looks rather than the story. Consequently, it is based on how you feel about what you see rather than what you read. Should you feel more like looking at something and having a decent story, Run Wild is good for you.
It is short, easy to follow, and I’m sure you’ll have a good time reading it! If you are a fan of movies like WolfWalkers, you might enjoy it too! While reading it, this comparison came into mind as they follow similar themes in some regards.
However, if you are looking for challenging comics try The Filth or Severed.


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