A comedy musical TV series – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


This TV show was a treat for musical nerds like me. I found it to be an amazing comedy musical TV series, and you’ll learn why.

It follows the shenanigans of Rebecca Bunch, a Yale/Harvard graduate turned lawyer who’s tired and depressed of her corporate New York life. She suffers a panic attack when offered a promotion, and after fleeing her building bumps into her high school ex Josh. She discovers that he’s leaving New York to live in West Covina California and in a true nervous breakdown, she decides that he’s her key to happiness and moves all the way to West Covina. Here the crazy and hilariously entertaining plot ensues.

Meet Rachel Bloom: the star of this TV series

The lead star of the TV show is Rachel Bloom, and if you haven’t seen her YouTube videos, I recommend them, if you’re a fab if irreverent comedy. She’s brilliant and absolutely musically talented. And that same talent shines in the show in the form of quirky musical numbers, hilarious dialogue paired with her perfect comedic timing, and actually, the rest of her co-stars do pretty great with the comedic material they’re given.

Why this comedy TV series is worth our time

All the characters in this show are incredibly entertaining to watch, and surprisingly, for a show that gives off this light-hearted rom-com vibe, they all offer some pretty complex layers of personality. There are no binary good versus bad characters in the show that are stereotypical of the genre and that makes them a lot more human and relatable and unlike other CW shows, I know.

Of course, a lot of this show’s strength lies in its all original songs with performances from actual Broadway stars, like Gabrielle Ruiz, Donna Lynne Champlin, Skyler Astin, and Santino Fontana. It was also directed by Marc Webb, who did 500 Days of Summer, the spectacular now. it’s also cool how this show touches on the Filipino culture and has a fair handful of Filipino characters.

What’s really sad is that in all its uniqueness and the niche genre that it carried, it had less than stellar ratings. It ended after a four-season run and it did have the ability to wrap up their story, but it did land top spot as one of the network’s least-watched shows or I think one of the network’s TV least-watched shows in general.

But this comedy TV series is currently available on Netflix, so if you like musicals, you like your dark/cringe/satire humor then you might just get hooked on to the show.


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