A chat with my demons


I’m listening to the rain, hearing the fall of each drop. Ah… it sounds so beautiful.

I am alone on my balcony, nobody hears me, having only My Demons to keep me company. It’s Saturday, just an uneventful Saturday; maybe too uneventful… My mind is pushing me to write for the first time (I can’t really figure out why?); maybe My Demons are to blame. “Demons” that live within each and every one of us. A chat with my demons – the voices will never stop. 

But wait! There’s a voice. A voice that breaks the symphony of rain, a voice so suave… and it is calling me. Calling my name.

It’s the voice of My Demons, trying to tell me something. So I close my eyes and try to listen, I can feel my surroundings dissolving until it’s just me and them, this intimacy doesn’t feel right. Although… I can’t help but wonder…

Why is it so wrong to listen to the voice of your Demons? 

I give in. I stop debating between what is right and what’s wrong, I’ll hear them out.

“Are you living the life that you want?”-they ask- I say that I am, but everything was quiet and my voice was shaking. “Are you sure?” and I say that I am, praying that they’ll leave me alone. 

After moments of silence, reality starts to materialize itself around me.

I open my eyes and the symphony of rain is still playing in the background, its alert rhythm turning mellow. Everything is back to normal… maybe not everything. A chat with My Demons… It still haunts me. I wonder if they’re right…

A chat with my demons

Am I going in the right direction?

Are you going in the right direction?

Author: Cornelia S.



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