A brief handmade guide for beginners


In the dim lights, the clock is ticking. Sweating, trembling hands, shivers down your spine. The sight of a gun pointing at you is breath-taking. Everything falls down in slow-motion. Then the lights came on and your worst nightmare is a handmade task or a school project. And the hot glue gun is your biggest enemy. A brief handmade guide will always come in handy, especially for beginners. 

Ever since I was little, I have shared with my mom a passion for arts and crafts. With a hobby that became business, we managed to create our own workshop at home. And what I’ve learned is that you don’t have to be a natural-born talent to use your hands in a creative way. There are many tips and tricks that may come in handy in your day to day life, not only when it comes to projects. 

How can handmade save your life?

Is not that the hot glue gun will save your life, well… unless you knock someone off with it, literally. But knowing how to use it can be life-saving and life-changing. Creating something out of nothing is more likely to be an appreciated skill. Imagine being invited to a birthday party at the last minute, a handmade card, a nicely framed photo, a scrapbook album will not only help you save money, but it will also make an impression. It is known that a handmade gift is more thoughtful and personal. Even a neat wrapping can catch the eye. 

Handmade is also there for you when you have to sew your pants or redecorate your house or your garden on a budget. When you put together a new outfit and you just can’t find the right accessories unless you create them. Or when you want a good grade on your school project. 

Easy handmade techniques

When in doubt, try scrapbooking. This is a collage-type of technique, where you can combine photos, newspaper cripplings, patterned paper, literally anything nice you can find. Create scrapbook journals, albums or cards by gluing together all your memories. Remember not to use too much glue, because the paper will get soaked. Maybe a double-sided tape will help you. It’s the easy way out.

You can give origami a chance, too. It might sound scary at first, but it’s not actually that hard. Think of all those paper planes that were flying around in your Maths teacher’s class. Go watch some YouTube tutorials and start with simple things, like boats and butterflies. Will you let a piece of paper defeat you?

Another idea is related to using threads. Remember those friendship bracelets we used to braid in middle school? If a middle-schooler can create them, why so couldn’t you? From braiding and knotting, you can learn how to tie a tie or to do a fishing knot. A more developed use of threads would be knitting and crocheting or maybe even sewing. Wouldn’t it be nice to sew your own shirt buttons?

The idea is that you are more pleased with what comes out of your own hands. It may not save your life literally, but it definitely makes it easier. How about you? Do you consider yourself a crafty person?


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