9 simple food swaps to help you keep your health in check 


Developing healthy eating habits can become quite a challenge. Many get lost from the very beginning and are clueless when it comes to picking out the right food choices. However, it’s the thought of opening up to changes that makes us feel overwhelmed when in reality it is so much simpler. There is no need to start with drastic measures immediately. Little effort can go a long way too. Keeping that in mind, small food swaps like the following ones may be of great significance for your health.  

Regular pasta with zucchini  


As much as pasta dishes are delicious, they also tend to be heavy meals, not the easiest to digest, and high in calories. Thus, it’s a good idea from time to time to switch things up and rely on innovation and food substitution. The zucchini pasta trend has been going around for some time now and people appear to love it. It’s a much lighter meal, richer in vitamins and lower in carbs, and even helps you meet your daily veggie intake. It will obviously not taste the same as regular pasta, but still worth it to give it a try.  

Eggs with chia seeds  


Don’t get me wrong with this one. I am not saying to make a chia seed omelet, but instead to use the chia seeds as a binding ingredient in recipes. When they are combined with a little bit of water, they get an egg-like consistency.  

Chips with popcorn  


We all like to munch on something, whether it is while watching a movie, or we just crave a snack between meals. Chips seem to be a favorite treat among many, however, just like with any other food, too much of it can cause issues. Popcorns are the perfect substitution as they are low in calories and you don’t have to worry about consuming artificial ingredients that most chips contain.  

Crackers with nuts  


Crackers are another common staple snack. They are salty, crispy, and taste even more delicious when combined with cheese. The bad thing is that just like chips, most of the time crackers are highly processed and contain a big amount of unnecessary carbs. Great food swaps would be nuts such as almonds or peanuts: just as savory and crunchy yet lower in carbs and higher in good fats.  

Sugar with natural sweeteners  


Giving up sugar is hands down the most difficult thing to overcome, especially since it can lead to a horrible addiction which is hard to battle against. Luckily, we have an abundance of resources that can easily substitute processed sugar yet still satiate our cravings for something sweet. Honey or maple syrup, for instance, can make a world of difference. Nevertheless, be aware that even these sweeteners shouldn’t be consumed in high quantities, but they are still a way better alternative to regular sugar.  

Regular potatoes with sweet potatoes  


Regardless of what type, potatoes will always remain my number one comfort food. It’s debatable if you ask me whether or not sweet potatoes are healthier than regular ones since both are nutrient-dense. However, sweet potatoes may get a close win because they are better for weight loss and are more abundant in vitamin A and fiber.  

Sunflower oil with olive oil  


Sunflower oil is not necessarily bad for us taking into account the fact that it contains an abundance of vitamin E and can withstand high heat while cooking, nevertheless, it is still recommended to be used in regulated quantities. Regardless, nutritionists still see olive oil as a generally healthier option as it is a rich source of vitamin K and many other minerals.  

Rice with quinoa or cauliflower  


Just like sunflower oil and regular potatoes, rice is far from being a bad food (as long as it is eaten in moderation just like anything else), but rather is just much higher in calories and can intervene in a weight loss process. Therefore, cauliflower can be used to imitate rice and create low-calorie meals. But that’s not the only reason to look for rice substitutions. Other plants, among which happens to be quinoa, have the capability to act as a superfood and provide double the nutrients.  

Ketchup with tomato sauce  


Ketchup is one of those products that contain tons of sugar. Although you can probably find organic ketchup with clean ingredients, a homemade tomato sauce will always be a healthier and cheaper option.  




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