9 Amazing Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day


Whether you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, romantic movies are definitely the way to go about getting in the mood for love. Although most of them are highly idealized versions of what real love actually looks like, they are still incredibly entertaining. So find a cozy spot (and maybe some tissues) and dive into these amazing romantic movies to watch on Valentine’s Day.


  • The Notebook

amazing romantic movies

This one’s for sure a tissue-grabber!
Allie and Noah are two teenagers who fall in love, but as it often happens with teen romances, life has other plans for them. Allie comes from a wealthy family, while Noah cannot afford the same luxurious lifestyle, yet his love for her is more than enough. However, they soon get separated by these social distances, but never Noah never stops trying to win her back. Can he do it? Will time have a permanent effect on their love?


  • Before Sunrise/Before Sunset/Before Midnight

amazing romantic movies

To be honest, this is my favorite trilogy of all time. It’s just so far different from any romantic movie I’ve ever seen in the best way possible.

The movie follows the love story of Celine, a French woman, and Jesse, an American man, as they meet on a train and decide to spend a day together in Vienna. What makes this movie so unique to me is how raw and life-like the dialogue is. It almost doesn’t seem scripted; it just feels like you’re actually watching two people fall in love.

The entire trilogy focuses on different stages in their relationship, which is not perfect. Because no real relationship is. Fights happen, problems come up but ultimately, is love enough?


  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

amazing romantic movies

Another amazing mention, this tale follows Joel and Clementine’s love story. However, as their relationship starts to go sour, they both undergo a procedure to erase the other from their memory so they can get to know each other for the first time again.

A very promising premise for an amazing movie. You can find out more about it here.


  • Carol

amazing romantic movies

This movie is based on the novel The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith which was republished under the title “Carol” in 1990.

Carol is a glamorous woman who, as she is buying a doll for her daughter one day, encounters Therese Believet, an aspiring photographer who works for the store. After making her purchase, Carol leaves but forgets her glove behind. Therese decides to go and return the glove, and so begins their friendship. And soon much more than that.


  • Paris, Je T’aime

amazing romantic movies

What better place to fall in love other than the city of love: Paris.

The movie has 22 directors that worked on it and each of them came up with their own interpretation of love. Therefore, it encompasses various short films about different relationships and numerous means of human connection. The feeling of love is truly always all around us.


  • Brokeback Mountain

amazing romantic movies


Forbidden romances are sometimes even more fascinating than actual love stories.

Ennis and Jack are two shepherds who go from a platonic friendship to being lovers. However, their relationship gets complicated when they both realize they have to marry their girlfriends as their relationship could never be approved of or found out.


  • Casablanca

amazing romantic movies

A classic romance that takes place during World War II in Casablanca. Upon meeting again, Rick and his former girlfriend, Ilsa realize they still have feelings for each other. Despite being married, Ilsa can’t back down in the face of true love.



  • The Way We Were

amazing romantic movies

Speaking of classic romance movies, this one captures the classic story of opposites who fall in love despite their differences. However, they soon realize opposites don’t really attract, as they can’t function in a relationship that has different goals and lifestyles. Nevertheless, they try to make it work. But will it be happy ever after or just heartbreak?


  • Moonstruck

amazing romantic movies

Loretta is a widow who decides to try her shot at love again. And she finds Johnny, a nice and reserved man whom she decides to marry. Despite not loving him, she can appreciate that he is a good guy. Because, after all, doesn’t the good guy always get the girl?

Well, not quite. After she meets his brother, Ronny, she comes to find out a passionate love is more exciting than a secure one. And she must make her choice.


Of course, these amazing romantic movies can be watched on any day of the year, not just Valentine’s Day. But I think we can all agree that love is in the air a little more around this holiday season!


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