8 Tips to Memorize Better


Every day we need to memorize something new, maybe at school or at our job, so it’s essential to know some tips that could help us with this.

  1. Take notes. It’s important to take notes because even though we memorize at the moment, the information will later be forgotten because our mind receives a lot of information throughout the day, so it’s hard to remember or memorize every little detail or thing we heard.
  2. Underline. I think that underlining helps us to remember in the order the important subjects, subheadings or events we have written. Highlighting with different colors can make things be remembered better. There is a neurological condition called synesthesia in which a certain sense is perceived at the same time, through another sense, for example some people that have this condition when they hear a musical note they automatically see flashes and colors. It’s like the two senses are bonded, if one appears so does the other one. So this is why I think highlighting can help us have their skill by linking the color to the information.
  3. Read more about each subject. This might take a while, but it definitely helps you to remember at least one or two things about the specific topic because you spend more time on it, so if you can understand better the information you can recall it easier.
  4. Repeat. It’s crucial to repeat if you want to remember. As I said, we learn lots of new things and because of that repeating means let’s say strengthening the synapse connections.memorize
  5. Be organized. If around you all your objects are messy so are your thoughts. A desk should be clean and organized because it won’t disturb your mind and you’ll also find what you need in a faster way, which means it takes fewer time.
  6. Take breaks. Our mind needs to rest for a while and wait so that it can gain more energy to continue. If you constantly learn without taking any breaks, no wonder you become really tired and incapable of remembering anything.
  7. Explain to someone what you’ve learned. This method makes you see where you lack knowledge because when you explain something you really find what you have not understood yet, so that you can clarify it and memorize it easier.
  8. Mind palace. This is a method in which you can attach or associate information in your imaginary building. The easiest way to do it if you are a beginner is to start with your house or with a place you already know very well, the second step is to imagine that you attach the word or information to a big object, but the thing is that you should start with the closest thing you see when you enter the room in order to create a path so that you can memorize the information in the exact order you want them to remember.


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