8 Tips on how to get a good night sleep effortless

good night sleep

We often sleep less or badly,just to have enough time to get everthing done.We either have a project to do,work,we have to learn,we have to do everything and because of this lack of time that we created,we tend to forget about the importance of getting a good night sleep.In the busy schedule that we created for ourselves,sleeping becomes a privilege and not a necessity.

I think that if we want to get everything done in the day,if we want to be productive and to also do something qualitative,we have to realise how important a good night sleep really is.

1.Listen to relaxing music or relaxing scenarios

Music can help your mind to detach of bad thoughts gathered throughout the day.You can relax your mind and soul by listening to calming music,that can get you to think about a nice,beautiful scenario,that can offer you beautiful dreams.

Besides music,you can listen to woods crackling,birds chirping and many other nature sounds,that can transcend your mind into a beautiful scenario.

2.Aromatherapy can offer you a good night sleep

By having a nice smell cover your room,something soothing,can make your sleep better and can get you to wake up more energized.

Smell can often get us in a memory,can transcend us in a time where everthing was fine.By bringing up a nice memory,we can get rid of the stress and the thoughts that can keep us up all night.

3.Drink something warm

When we wake up,we are used to drinking coffee everyday in order to wake up quickly.Why not use this method to be able to sleep peacefully? We can make ourselves a cup of tea and we can destress easily.especially at cold times of the year.

4.Get rid of all the worries

Everything negative we gather throughout the day must be eliminated from our thoughts at night,otherwise we will have a disturbed sleep,that will only decrease our mood the next day.We need to give ourselves a little time,even if it is just when we are asleep,when we can get rid of all the worries and when we can just relax and think of nothing.

5.Make a sleep pattern so that your body knows when it needs to sleep

We need to schedule a set time,after school,after work,a set of hours that are strictly dedicated to sleeping.You can try avoiding naps,so that you are not too energized at night,so that you are tired enough for a good sleep.

A sleep schedule can benefit you because you can make sure everything else is done before you have to sleep.Make sure you know that sleeping is more a form of relaxation.If you sleep well,you are doing everything good the next day,you have enough energy and good thoughts to get everything done.

6.Sleep with the lights off without the blue light from the TV

Good night sleep

Even if you can sleep with the lights on,it does not benefit you on the long term,even with the TV on,or with the phone,it can disturb and distract you.I recommend considering a sleep mask so that your eyes are closed,so that there is no light that can distract you,so that you can focus on good thoughts,along with some relaxing sounds that can help you.

7.Lower your room temperature

If you open your window even for just 10 minutes before you are go

ing to bed,the cold temperature and the fresh air will calm you and will relax you quicker,especially in combination with a hot beverage,meant to calm you as well.

8.Make a scenario in your head that brings you in a happy place

At night we should get rid of all the accumulated problems from the day.You can imagine yourself wherever you are at peace.Be it alone or surrounded by friends and family,be it in your home,or in the forest,surrounded by trees,by animals,by nature in general.

I think that if we try to implement these tips into our schedule,we can fall asleep faster and get a better sleep at night.It is important that we focus on ourselves,especially at night time,so that we can have a better and productive day.


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