7 websites to download free e-books from (or read online)

Seven websites to download free e-books from (or read online)

The only choice left for bookworms is reading free e-books! I don’t know about you but this pandemic has made me afraid of so many things that I used to do before. For example, to the germaphobe that I am, buying or borrowing books from libraries or friends now feels like one of the most horrible ways of self-sabotaging.

Even online buying! That feels like the most dangerous choice as the parcel goes through so many hands, cars, places…It’s scary. And when something feels off, I simply cannot put up with it.

Still, that won’t stop me! I can’t stay away from books. And even though reading e-books is quite uncomfortable for my eyes, it’s the only thing that doesn’t involve human contact…

As you may know from your past experiences, there are not many trustworthy places to download free e-books from.
There are apps like Google Books, which is okay. Not great, though, let’s be honest, they could have definitely done better, but is still helpful if you find yourself in a desperate situation. And there are also apps like Wattpad which… are of no help at all.

I have been surfing the Internet hoping to find some sites of this kind for quite a while now. I am hoping that one of the apps and sites I have gathered will be of your liking.

Here are, not in a specific order but randomly, the best sites to get free e-books from that I have encountered:


ManyBooks is the Spotify of books. What I’m trying to say is that it customizes the books that pop up in the recommended section by your past searches, downloads, by the genres and authors you frequently read.

This way, even though you will not always like the books are recommended to you, you may at least find one or two that you enjoy.

Project Gutenberg

Another site where you can find free e-books is The Project Gutenberg who is a tribute paid to Gutenberg and his hard work.
Gutenberg was if you don’t remember from your history classes, a German metallurgist and jeweler. He has always been known for his contributions to typography and ink, thus the name of this online library.

Internet archive

Internet archive is more than a basic online library. On Internet archive, besides books and magazines, you can also find a huge collection of archived websites, movies, video clips, music… Basically, lots of free e-books have been conserved throughout time.


We’ve all heard of Wikipedia, am I right? Who knew it has a hell ton of other departments?
While they all are well-developed and organized, Wikibooks remains my most favorite (that may be because I am a bookaholic and they’ve got sooo many books, but I still don’t know for sure).

Open Library

Open Library is one of the online libraries that also have books on subjects such as art, science, cooking, but also textbooks or exercise books. To be frank, I’ve visited physical libraries that didn’t include these types of books. So, when it comes to this matter, it’s quite awesome.


Another site with free e-books is PDFBooksWorld. PDFBooksWorld looks so aesthetic and are so easily-readable as they contain various fonts, illustrations, drawings, etc. They also always have a table of contents so you can find the chapter you are looking for easily.

Library Genesis

Another nicely-put-together online library where you can find free e-books is Library Genesis. I mostly like this because of the fact that you are able to organize the way that your search results get displayed.
This particular website also lets you upload books. So, if you have something that’s not in there, go ahead and share it with the rest of the world!

Not all of them are as well-stocked as the others, but I can bet you will find the books you are looking for in at least one version or on at least one site!
Some of the sites above even provide images to their books, how cool is that?

Whether you prefer free e-books for these dangerous times, or if you aren’t at least a little bit afraid to borrow or buy books… The most important thing is to keep reading, for the sake of you.


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