7 Romanian bookstagrammers you should follow

7 Romanian bookstagrammers you should follow

Bookworms, especially on Instagram and Tik Tok (called bookstagrammers, respectively booktokers), form one of the vastest communities in the world, and also one of the most diverse. Books are our dearest friends. Thousands of realms can be found within them, and they are our comfort even in the darkest of days. It’s a warm community where all help and support each other.

Bookstagram is the bookish side of Instagram. Here, bookworms post their reviews and genuine opinions about the books they’ve read, accompanied by stunning bookish photos and engaging Instagram Story photos and videos. Bookstagrammers are very welcoming and kind.

The best thing about bookstagrammers is that they can be found worldwide. In Romania, there are a lot of talented and dedicated bookworms. Therefore, I want to present you a few Romanian bookstagrammers you should follow if you haven’t done it yet (not in a particular order of ranking):



Gabriela is a Romanian bookstagrammer that is currently living in Austria. Her photos give a cosy vibe and are pretty. Her account has caught my eye thanks to her talking a lot about fantasy books, particularly the UK and US editions. Surprisingly I’ve got a lot of great recommendations that now I love, including Empire of Sand, one of my all-time favourites.



Who doesn’t enjoy Simona’s stunning photos and reviews dipped in milk and honey? She is one of the first Romanian bookstagrammers I’ve discovered and have been following her ever since. She also happens to be a translator as well! Her translated books portfolio contains books like The Shadows Between Us and Heartless. I appreciate her exhausting work and dedication to bringing amazing bestsellers from overseas to Romania.



Lavinia is a Romanian bookstagrammer from Iași. Her feed is extremely neat, cosy and exquisite. Her content and dedication inspire me a lot. When I see her content, I feel as if she talks to lifelong friends and not simple followers. Lavinia has recently started to craft book sleeves, a small business that has gained success in a short time (I hope I will be able to order from her soon).



It’s relatively rare for me to love someone’s Instagram’s story content. Aida’s vibrant and energetic personality makes her stories worth watching. Her video reviews are brilliant! She is also really funny and wholesome. Aida seems like the type of friend everybody wants in their circle, and I’d love to meet her one day. Her photos are also great and I love how she uses everyday objects or make-up to work with the books she presents.



Most bookstagrammers focus on reviews, setting up props for photos and reels. Not many dare to adventure in the bookish cosplay side, and that’s why I enjoy Sara’s content a lot! She is one of the few Romanian bookstagrammers that is trying to unite with fictional characters and give them life. Sara’s cosplays are beautiful and worth the effort.



Like in Simona’s case, Alexandra is a Romanian bookstagrammer that I’ve been following for quite a long time. Her photos are so adorable that I’m swooning over them! She is also creative and skilled at editing, making her content unique and amazing. Alexandra’s bookish photos never fail to make me smile!



If you love cats and gorgeous outdoor photos, then Larisa’s account is perfect for you! Her feed is absolute goals! Larisa loves her cats a lot, and I’m delighted she features them in her photos and stories! One of the things I appreciate about her as a person is that she is very honest and open with her followers. Larisa is unafraid to speak out about taboo and sensitive topics.


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