7 Helpful Resources for Aspiring Writers

Resources for Aspiring Writers

When it comes to writing, talent is not enough. Whether you struggle with finding the correct word or a way to organize your novel, the solution could be only a click away! Today I am going to share with you 7 helpful resources for aspiring writers that can make your creative process easier.

1.Writers Write

This website is my go-to source of inspiration when I find myself in a writing slump. It provides writing courses and advice, but also gifts ideas any bookworms would love. You can subscribe to their daily newsletter, which includes an inspirational quote, the word of the day and a writing prompt.

2. MasterClass

It’s easy to get stuck in the labyrinth of your imagination. You can learn about storytelling, creating a plot, and bringing characters to life from a renowned author by browsing the Writing MasterClass category. Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman and Dan Brown some of the authors who can help you improve your art. After you’ve decided to start the journey, you just have to find a comfortable place, plug in your charger, open a notebook or a document and start your journey. You can use this service for free only for a week. If you want to buy access to a single MasterClass, you will have to pay $90; a full year subscription is $180.

3. Writer’s Digest

You can browse through online workshops, find writing competitions that match your preferred genre or simply read the articles about (non)fiction. There are always new techniques to learn and try out yourself! The most exciting part of this website is that it helps writers get in touch with magazines and literary agents – thus fulfilling their dream of being published. 

4. Character Story Planner

If you like to jot down ideas on your phone, this app might be the one for you! It is available for free in Google Play. You can use it without a wi-fi connection too to avoid the adds. You can create detailed character descriptions, specific races, magical items, and also a detailed timeline. Although the app is easy to use and unexpectedly thorough, I don’t recommend using it for actually writing because you can’t export the paragraphs in a document for later edit.

5. Scrivener

You probably heard about the god of writing software, so I’m gonna make it short. With its multiple features and menus, Scrivener can help you easily organize your ideas, scenes, chapters, character descriptions and transform them into the novel of your dreams. The best thing about it is you can edit multiple documents from the same project at the same time. You can also work in full-screen mode to avoid any distractions while writing. It has a spell-checking option included.

Scrivener is available for Windows, mac and iOS. You can download the free trial version from here and use it only 30 times. If you decide it’s the right writing tool for you, you can purchase the license for €53.

6. Grammarly

A correct, well-written text is a writer’s business card. No matter how close you look, mistakes have this awful habit of resisting proofreading. It’s better to be safe than sorry and Grammarly is here to help!
You can use it simply as a site where you copy or load your text, as a browser extension, or a mobile app. The standard free pack includes spelling, grammar, punctuation, readability and punctuation check. For $11 a month, you also get clarity, engagement, plagiarism and delivery features. 

7. Pinterest

This one is a given. Pinterest is a source of visual inspiration regarding landscapes, costumes and types of characters.  Moreover, you can find writing prompts, lists of better words to use instead of `very`, and lots of characters building tips. Most of the pins redirect you to blogs where you can find more information about the subject you are interested in.

How many of these helpful resources for aspiring writers have you tried? How did they work for you? Were they the tool you needed to write your ideal book? What other subjects would you like to read about here? Leave a comment below!



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