7 reasons why you should get a pet


Why should you get a pet?

  1. It keeps your heart healthy! – Raising a little soul reduces the blood pressure, cholesterol and the level of triglycerides, all of this protects the heart.
  2. It diminishes the risk of depression! – People who have a pet, produce more happy hormones, like oxytocin and serotonin, that improve the state of mind.
  3. Having a pet reduces stress! – When you have a pet, the level of blood pressure decreases. Nothing compares to a warm welcome when you get home, after an exhausting day at school or at work.
  4. Having a pet reduces the risk factors for allergies! – cohabitation with an animal improves the immune system. The kids who grow up surrounded by animals have about 35 percent fewer problems concerning allergies.
  5. Dogs are able to detect diseases! – Studies reveal that some dogs that are trained can help to detect diabetes and sometimes cancer.
  6. Having a pet helps you stay active and in shape! – After all, walking the dog is a form of exercise, it helps the owner burn some calories.
  7. And the last one, but the most important of reasons: you’ll never be alone!

So, do not hesitate! Choose or let yourself be chosen by your future friend!

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Author: Dragota Marioara


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