7 most common job interview questions you should know about!


The job interview is a stressful situation for most of us. You have to meet strangers, you have to play the role of a character who looks like you, but who is still different from you, you have to wear uncomfortable clothes that you are not used to. The experience of a job interview can be quite traumatic for some people. And the emotions are even greater, as the person wants their job at any cost. So, in order not to be taken by surprise so much, it is important to know these common questions at the job interview:

Why would I hire you?

This is your chance to show why it is important to have you in the company and how well you would fit. Don’t refer to other competitors for comparison, just talk about your experience and skills as the most suitable for that job in that organization.

Your answer must cover 3 important directions – “I will not limit myself to completing the tasks, but I want to perform at work. In addition, I think the company’s policy is correct and I will easily adapt to the organizational culture and the team. Last but not least, I believe that my skills and competencies will add to the company. ”

What are your salary expectations?

They want to identify the way you self-evaluate and the way you know or not to negotiate.

The answer to this question can only come after a serious documentation. Find out what the salary level is for such a job in the market. Be sure to take into account your level of training and previous experience and then choose the highest amount that meets all these citations. But don’t forget to make it clear to the employer that you are willing to negotiate. Thus, you will show them that you know what your rights are and what your value is, but you want your job and you are willing to negotiate it.

What are your weaknesses?

Turn weaknesses into a positive response, for example: It takes me a long time to get ready in the morning, so I set my alarm at least an hour before to be on time for work.

What do you know about the company?

The employer does not want to know if you had time to read the page dedicated to the history of the company on the site or how you did your research about the company. He wants to know how much you got involved and what information you selected and retained, what was most important to you.

Recommendation for answering this job interview question: Start with a sentence that contains some of the keywords used on the company’s website and some numbers, but move the discussion, giving it a slightly more personal nuance: I agree with this approach / I find myself in this description / I think they can contribute to achieving the company’s objectives etc.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is a very tricky interview question. They want to know if you have set some realistic expectations in terms of your career path, if you have ambition and if the position you applied for from the company will contribute to achieving your goals. Sincerity is the key, but there can be two situations:

  • this position contributes to the growth of the career you wanted: “This position represents exactly the step I wanted in my career and I think it will help me to develop and put into practice my ideas and plans, which they will also contribute to achieving the company’s objectives. “
  • the position is not exactly your ticket to the dream career: “I can’t know what the future holds for me, but from a professional point of view I see this position as a valuable opportunity to develop and contribute positively to my career and the company’s evolution. ”.

Why were you fired from your last job?

They want to test your sincerity, in principle, because the information circulates more and more easily. They also want to see how you will present things and how well you know how to explain such a situation.

You should present the problem in a sincere way – it does not mean that it will reduce your chances of getting the job. But try to focus on the things you learned from this experience, what things you remedied from that point, and how you think this career experience helps you.

What other companies have you applied to?

You do not have to give some names, but make sure that if you choose to say that you have applied to other companies, they must be companies from the same field or related fields. It does not give the impression that your choice regarding the job for which you were called for an interview is not a serious one and based on passions and skills acquired over time.



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