Anger. Reducing it and being able to control it. (7 easy to follow steps with guidance)

Anger issues and their fixes

Anger is normal for everyone to experience at some point. It happens to the best of us. But what is really important is how you manage to control it, or better put, if you can control it or not.

Being angry

This article will focus on talking about the main sources of anger, how one can reduce them, and also suggest activities that could help with this kind of problem.



Breathe deeply

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As generic as this may sound, there’s  factual evidence that breathing deeply can reduce stress by a big percentage. You may not feel like it during an argument, let’s say, but it helps to know that this is the first step.

I would personally recommend 3 or 4 intervals of 15 seconds breathing sessions. This will not only help you calm down, but it will also brighten your mind, showing you that you did the right decision.

Think of the consequences of your anger issues
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I think this might be one of the best advice that someone could give you.

In a heated argument, the situation could easily escalate with dire consequences, and I think that by acknowledging the consequences you have a higher change of ending the argument calmly.

Think of what might happen afterwards if you decided to respond with hate.

Awful, right?  This goes to show how easy it can be for someone to manage their anger issues.

Look deeper for the roots of these anger issues

People that often find themselves angry with almost anything have a deeper cause than one may think.

I believe that anyone should talk, at least once in a while, with their local psychologist. It helps tremendously with resolving these anger issues, and also can help you learn new things about how your mind responds to certain factors, and more.

It may be a bad situation at work, home, or God knows what is going on inside someone’s life, but it’s important that they find out what it is themselves and seek for help.


Think of yourself as the better person

In any sort of argument, it’s well known that the one who drops the fight is the winner, therefore drop it, be kind, and see yourself as the better person in these types of incidents. You will not only win people’s respect by doing so, but also the one you previously had a fight with will realize that he was the only one to blame, therefore educating not only yourself, but also the others around.

Let them show their real face

There is the slight chance of someone not stopping, even if you responded with calmness, and at that point, just let him spit it out, let him show his real face while you stand there still, not doing anything that would make the situation worse than it already is.

At that point, everyone will see the type of person he is and believe me, then he will stop and you will have saved yourself from an unwanted encounter.

Get outside to get some air

If you know that you can’t breathe that well, especially when you are experiencing anger, stop everything that you are doing and go outside, if not already. Get a lot of air, deep breaths, and only then, go inside and have a talk with them. This will help tremendously with understanding what got you into it and show you ways on how you could dodge the argument and get away unharmed and with your morals intact.

Have a drink

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As hated as alcohol drinking is nowadays, it might help you out with your anger issues if done responsibly. Not only it will make you happier, but it will also make you calmer and way easier to talk to.

Be responsible, though.  A few glasses are fine, but more than that and you might put yourself, but more importantly the others around you in danger.



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