7 great Portuguese food you should try! Part 2


As I said before, Portuguese food is one of my favorite food and I am pretty sure that anyone would love it. This Mediterranean cuisine is one of the best I’ve ever tried. I am the kind of person who loves fruits, vegetables, seafood, and this cuisine has it all! The combination of what I love to eat!

But there’s more of it, there’s history, there are traditional and regional Portuguese foods that will make you understand the food better. There are dishes that the ancient people, even from the beginning of Portugal, cooked them and, these dishes are still the best ones during our times.  Portugal is more of an isolated country, so they made their cuisine in their own way, this is why it is so special and unique, a one of a kind of food you’ll ever try!

1-Polvo à la lagareiro

If you love octopus this one is for you! You will find everywhere in the country, they love to cook this dish. It’s very popular and a traditional Portuguese dish and usually is served with boiled potatoes, but besides potatoes, octopus and those potatoes and roasted. It’s simple and classy, it contains olive oil also, because it adds a slight bitter taste, a little bit of “spice” you can say because olive oil is something elementary in Portuguese cuisine.

2- Cozido à Portuguesa

It’s not the most esthetic dish, but the taste is amazing. It contains boiled potatoes, meat (pork), carrots, smoked sausages (chouriço for example), they are all cooked in one pot. It may look and sound quietly disturbing, but trust me when I say that you should not judge a book by its cover. The taste, because they are all cooked together, in the same water, the veggies, the sausage’s taste and savory, they all mixed together make something great. You’ll love this dish, just give it a shot!

3- Cataplana de Marisco

I love this one so much I don’t even have the proper words to describe it. This Portuguese food is originated from Algarve, and it’s basically fish (cataplana), one of the best fishes from Portugal, with tomatoes, red peppers, onions, and of course, cilantro. If they are perfectly steamed, this dish will blow your mind. It looks simple, you cook it over an open flame, and it’s shaped roundly. It combines ham, couriço, tomatoes, onions, garlic, baby clams.

4- Caracóis

These are actually snails, tiny ones which are cooked and served with herbs. They as well are cooked in a pot, and it feels more like a snack, something you cook casually, without any effort, if you are in the mood for something tasty and they are very good if you drink beer among them.

5- Porco preto

One of a kind! It’s not something new that Portuguese people love pork and olive oil, this dish is found everywhere, it’s a funny story actually., how pigs are so known in Portugal. They are raised in this region, Alentejo, they are a special Alentejan race, they are black pigs and if you taste this dish, porco preto, which is basically black pork, you will be amazed by the fact that no other dish with pork tastes the same as this one. It’s just… special!

6-Frango no Churrasco

This is their BBQ chicken, it’s a classic one! It’s more like fast food, marinated and grilled chickens with a special sauce (piri-piri). It’s easy to cook and usually, it’s served with either chip, rice, or fries.

7- Queijo Serra da Estrela

I’ve told you before that Portuguese people simply love queijo, they love it so much that they have this saying “pão pão queijo queijo” which means that“one thing is a thing and another thing is another thing” and if you are a cheese lover, this one is made especially for you! The name comes from a region mountain named Beiras. It’s a perfect tart, round and shaped like a bowl, and you can eat it with a spoon. Now, are you impressed?


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