7 English idioms about happiness


If you came to this article, you are looking for ways to express happiness in your writing. The English language is one of the most semantically rich languages out there. The key is to know how to take advantage of it. And what is the most beautiful thing that you can rephrase over and over other than happiness? Here are some English idioms about happiness.

Idioms are not only a way to improve your language skills and practice your English, but they are also meant to make a text more readable.

On cloud nine idioms 

This idiom means to be very happy and excited. You can use it in contexts such as: He was on cloud nine when his long-distance girlfriend came to visit him.

In seventh heaven

The first idiom goes hand in hand with the second one. They basically mean the same thing. That is being extremely happy. For example, She was in seventh heaven when her boss congratulated her on her work.

To have a whale of a time (with English)

This idiom suggests that you are having a very good time and you are enjoying yourself very much. One example of context would be: We are having a whale of a time at the party, dancing, and drinking. 

Walk on air

A person in love may feel like he or she is walking on air. That is they are extremely happy. For example: After she accepted to go out with him, he was walking on air.

Tickled pink

When someone is ticked pink, they are very amused by something. This idiom can be expressed in contexts such as I was tickled pink to see her new post on Instagram.

Over the moon

As you could already sense, every idiom related to the sky or lifting oneself up is about happiness. To be over the moon means to be extremely happy. For example, She was over the moon when he asked her to marry him.

On top of the world

When you are on top of the world, you have the world at your feet. It means that you are very proud of something. For example: When I heard the news, I was on top of the world.

What was your favorite happiness-related idiom?


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