Perfume – Discover 6 Promising Tips to Make It Persist


The persistence of perfumes seems to be the most important attribute we look for after selecting our favorite aroma. How the perfume persists for a long time could be a big challenge even when we are dealing with an intense one, if the application is not done well and if we do not prepare the ground a little beforehand.

Apply it to the key points

Perfume - Discover 6 Promising Tips to Make It Persist

We now refer to those areas of the body where the pulse is felt. The reason is pragmatic: there the skin is thinner, the areas are a little warmer and the perfume will be released more spectacularly. Which are these? The wrists, the area in front of the elbow, the base of the neck and the back of the knees.

Another very important rule is not to rub the areas where you applied the perfume! When you apply it, for example, on the joints, it simply tampons the joints lightly between them. By rubbing, important notes are lost and the olfactory line of the perfume is destroyed. Who would want such a thing ?! It is best to let it dry naturally in a few moments.

Apply it on freshly washed skin

Specialists assure us that the best time to apply your favorite perfume is immediately after the shower, when the skin is still strongly hydrated and the pores are still open, as it has reason to “cling” and, obviously, remains impregnated in the skin for much longer. If you used to apply it before leaving the house, change the moment from today and you will enjoy the power of flavors for a longer time.

Always moisturize the skin!

After showering, even if you are in a hurry, apply a moisturizing body lotion. The more nourished the skin, the better it will retain the perfume you use. And yes, we know who wants to waste a few more minutes with a skin lotion, especially when it’s not summer? Well, we believe that those moments are not lost at all, on the contrary! They give us a comfortable feeling of hydration, and the body lotion ensures an even more adherent base for the perfume. Win-win! For more speed, choose a lotion that penetrates the skin quickly and easily or a dry nourishing oil.

Be careful what clothes you wear and what you wash them with.

Some textiles can block the spread of perfume in the air. The most suitable are those made of cotton or wool. Wash your clothes with detergents that do not contain toxic or chemical substances and avoid using strongly scented laundry conditioner that can cause irritation or allergies.

Use a set!

Perfume - Discover 6 Promising Tips to Make It Persist

If you think about it, it is obvious that a perfume doubled by the body lotion with the same aroma will last longer and will have a more intense effect. And to these obvious things, we would add that extraordinary feeling that we have when we wrap ourselves in the body lotion with our favorite fragrance.

But I also noticed that rarely does the perfume and the related body lotion last as long and, most of the time, the second one ends. Then, when the last drop is finished, apply a little cosmetic Vaseline on the areas where you will spray the perfume. It is odorless, does not alter in any way the olfactory line and represents an excellent base!

Reapply it during the day

The heat of the body also has disadvantages, despite the above, it makes the fragrance evaporate faster than on fabrics, blotter paper that you find in specialty stores or other objects that do not emit heat.

Sometimes you have the impression that the perfume no longer does its job and no longer smells on your skin, but at the level of the receptors, the olfactory fatigue appears. Your olfactory receptors send an electrical signal to the brain when it detects a new odor, after which they will be busy discerning other odors and will no longer send signals to the brain, which is why you can no longer smell the fragrance. You can take the perfume with you by reusing it to refresh the smell. Many people have the bottle in their car, purse, backpack and reuse it during the day, some share this secret with others, others do not.


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