6 reasons why you should visit Greece

6 reasons why you should visit Greece

A famous country that seems to be on every tourist list, you should not skip Greece just because it is a popular place, rather you should see that sometimes a famous place is not overrated.

1) Greeks are hospitable people

Maybe you have never heard that Greeks are one of the most hospitable people out there. They know that kindness can go far in life. If you are lost or need help, then a Greek would help you. Another great thing is that a lot of them know English, so the language barrier is no problem. But even if you find a Greek that does not know English he would still help me. After all, my boyfriend found me a life vest even if the guy did not speak any language that he knew.

2) The food is amazing

6 reasons why you should visit Greece

You should never eat from fast foods that you have at home. The food is not expensive at all, and it is very delicious. Plus, you might receive free wine or ouzo. Why would you eat a hamburger when you can try souvlaki, kebab, or a Greek salad? And the food is cheap. Sure, you can find souvlaki for 3 euros, or you can pay 10 and eat at a restaurant that will give you tzatziki, pita, fries, and a salad. It is impossible to go hungry in Greece.

3) Visit the Acropolis

For me, it is incredible that we can still see the temples and theatres that are older than I can imagine. I love history, reading stories, and being able to walk among this place that once upon a time was populated? It had been my dream since I was ten years old. And if you don’t want to climb and see the Acropolis, or it is raining, then you can go to the Acropolis Museum. There you will see finds from the Acropolis slopes, sculptures from the Parthenon, and you can walk under the museum and see the newest part of it: an ancient neighborhood.

4) The beaches

Visit Greece

The Greek beaches have the clearest water. Or if you don’t like beaches and want a quiet day you could try and find the coves from Limanakia, near Athens. Although, you should bring an umbrella and your own towel because here there are no sunbeds, and even the few places where you could place your towels are quickly taken. Or you can go to one of the many islands. Tip: you can visit Santorini, or you can find a lesser known island, like Naxos or Ithaca.

5) The subway is easy to navigate

Even if there is another alphabet used in Greece, there is an English transcription written beside for tourists. There are only 3 lines, but they get you where you need (Acropolis, the airport). And if you are a student, you might try and buy a reduced card to save some money (I bought mine from Syntagma station). Plus, some of the stations have drawings or even vases found during excavations. And your card can be used on a bus too.

6) You can visit off-season and during COVID-19

Some might argue that the end of September might not be off-season, but it was less crowded, and the temperature was more bearable. As for the second part, there are many places where you need to show your vaccine passport in order to enter so you can be assured that you won’t catch anything.

My philosophy teacher had a saying: once you arrive in Greece for the first time you start thinking about the next time you will return. And he was right. I came back yesterday and I am already asking my boyfriend to go and feel the Greek spirit again.



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