6 most affectionate dog breeds

dog breeds

What are the most affectionate dog breeds? Some dogs are crazy about their space. Others are crazy about yours. The dog was and will remain man’s best and most loyal friend. For dog lovers who love to be rewarded with affection by these non-speakers, here are 5 most affectionate dog breeds:

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever, with their long snouts and short fur, irresistible to caress, is a fantastic company! Incredibly sweet, loyal, and affectionate, they are known for their power to “stick” to their master and not let him go to the end! These features make labradors great guide dogs, which will maintain the well-being of the owner and keep him company all day long!

These dogs were born to please their owners and are truly adorable. The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and it is no wonder that it is at the top of the list as one of the most affectionate. These puppies are able to create very deep bonds with their owners.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The adorable face of this unique dog simply begs for attention and demands time spent in the master’s lap. Located among the small breeds, the proportions of the “knight” do nothing but recommend him for the title of the best lazy companion in your arms! Their favorite place in the house is where you are, and when you don’t feel like playing, don’t insist, but lie down next to their masters.

He is ready to spend hours with you, whether you are watching your favorite series, you have the book in your hand or watching a dog show on TV together! Their purpose in life is to love their masters and to be loved by them.

Golden Retriever

Like other Retrievers, Golden Retrievers are the perfect choice for a pet dog. Being some of the most beloved puppies, they do a fantastic job assuming the role of guide dog because they are very friendly.  Although they sometimes become affectionate even with strangers, your Golden will always be waiting for you just as eagerly for half of play, scratched and caressed!

These puppies are big, fluffy, loving, and recognized everywhere as being very affectionate, which is why they have been chosen so many times to star in Hollywood movies.


They were created as a “toy” breed and for this reason, they will fit perfectly in the arms of a less active person, but also in the middle of a family, possibly in the company of other small dogs. They have fluffy fur that will need attention and care but will not leave hair in the house.

Apart from their wonderful appearance, they are known for their pleasant temperament and friendly nature. It is an intelligent, cheerful, playful, sociable, active, sensitive, gentle dog. This dog is affectionate and devoted to his master, he gets along well with children, but he has a suspicious attitude towards strangers. He gets along well with other dogs and other animals in the household.

It adapts perfectly to the living conditions offered and to the style of the master. He feels good in an apartment next to a loving family who has time to take care of him every day. It has a moderate level of activity. This dog likes to accompany his master all the time. Contrary to popular belief, small dogs are not overly noisy or fragile enough to cope with play with children.


The Chihuahua dog has a special charm, due to both its small size and alert and affectionate temperament at the same time. Despite its appearance, the Chihuahua dog is very agile and intelligent, able to compete and even win competitions with larger dogs in terms of training and inventiveness. He loves to be close to his masters whom he adores. It is easy to care for, does not need to be taken out daily, and adapts quickly to any environment. This dog also makes a good team with the children, with whom he loves to play.

Terra Nova

This large dog, with voluptuous black fur, has a very sweet and cute character. It creates a strong emotional connection with its owners so that it barely adapts to abandonment or a new foster home. Therefore, it is very important to choose consciously before buying a Newfoundland.

Despite his heavy weight, this dog is very active and loves to play, being a good companion for the whole family. They also tend to live quietly with other pets and lose patience.


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