6 life lessons from the fascinating psychological show YOU

life lessons

You find yourself in a new relationship and are having doubts about your partner? There is something odd about them but you can’t quite tell what it is? Well, let’s hope they are not like Joe from the TV show You which taught me some valuable life lessons.

The psychological thriller available on Netflix tells the story of Joe Goldberg, a bookstore clerk by day, serial killer by night, who has the habit of getting infatuated with his girlfriends and eventually killing them. Although throughout the series he is never diagnosed with a particular mental illness, Joe the psychopath/sociopath (I’ll leave it for you to decide) meets his next victim, Guinevere Beck, in the store where he works and quickly plots a plan on how to win her over. Here are 6 life lessons I learned from the TV show and would gladly share them with anyone I know since it might help them save their lives. Warning – a possible spoiler alert.

Buy yourself some decent blinds 

You never know who may be lurking through your windows especially if you live on the ground floor. Beck’s apartment happens to be on the first floor of her building, accessible to anyone who walks by to take a peek inside, particularly to serial killers who stalk their victims before trapping them in a human cage. The fact that she has massive windows is not helping the situation either. So, write this in your list of life lessons – don’t be foolish like Beck and get yourself some curtains. 

Be aware of your surroundings when in public 

Whether you go out for a run or simply take a quick run to the grocery store, always be aware of your surroundings, especially if you are alone and there is no one around you. It doesn’t matter if it is light or dark outside. You deal with no amateurs here. Professional creepers like Joe will find a way to lurk you any time of the day. Take it from Beck’s friend, Peach, who almost gets killed by her friend’s boyfriend while on a jog in the park during BRIGHT DAYLIGHT. 

In case you lose your phone make sure everything on it is protected 

We should feel grateful that nowadays we can back up any storage from lost phones or computers and more importantly, in case we lose our electronics, we can easily protect our personal data by unsyncing iCloud or Google accounts from those devices. Apparently, Beck wasn’t aware of the fact that we live in the 21st century where cyberbullying is a very popular “trend.” She didn’t even put a lock code on her phone her which made it look for Joe like a child’s play. 

Don’t post personal details on social media accounts…EVER 

One of the most essential life lessons the TV show made me aware of is that if someone wants to know your date of birth, address, the school you went to, the friends you hang out with, it’s enough to take a scroll through your Facebook or Instagram account where everything is handed to them on a silver platter. Your social media followers don’t need to know everything about you. So, don’t just give out your personal information like candy. Next time when you go out with your friends, maybe don’t tweet about it, don’t put the location down, or even post a photo of the place. Allow yourself to have some privacy. 

If you catch your partner following you, run, fast 

Joe is frequently seen following Beck even after they start dating. Eventually, she catches him in the act and confronts him about it, which leads to their break-up. She did the right thing you would think… except that shortly afterward she gets back together with him. So, add this too among the other life lessons: avoid being naïve like Beck. If you catch your partner following you, run as fast as your legs can carry you. And never ever look back. 

End things immediately if your significant other is pulling you away from your family and friends 

If you feel that your partner is keeping you away from those closest to you, that should be an immediate warning that something isn’t right. If you find yourself head over heels for your lover and can’t listen to your intuition, take advice from your friends. Not only will they give you a clear perspective but will also point out red flags you may have failed to notice. Imagine them like police dogs. They will smell a rotten person from a mile away. 

For your sake, I would highly recommend you to spare a few hours of your time to give the TV show a go and memorize some of the life lessons above. You never know if the next Joe has their eye on YOU.


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