6 Incredible Websites You Need in Your Life


More often than not, technology seems to be making our daily life and tasks a little easier. However, there’s a lot of websites that will do the things you’re struggling with that you didn’t even know existed! Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of 6 incredible websites you may need in your life.


If you’ve been meaning to go on a diet, or just want to make a meal plan for yourself, this website is going to be a lifesaver for you!

All you need to do is add in your food preferences, the number of calories you need to be consuming, and the number of meals you want to split them into. If you’re not sure about how much you should be consuming, don’t worry. The website can calculate that for you if you add in your data. The website will prepare a daily meal plan for you with the recipes and more information about the meal included. If you’re not happy with the meal, you can randomly generate another or retry until you get something you would enjoy. The meals are also very easy to make, so don’t worry about your not-too-great cooking skills.


I believe most of us find car journeys very relaxing. But what if you could drive around in any country of your choice? Since we can’t travel internationally yet, this experience might just be the best of both worlds.

The website provides a virtual driving experience where you basically watch someone drive around various incredibly beautiful cities while listening to the radio.  A website that works perfectly either as background noise while you’re working or if you’re just interested in exploring other cities and countries.


Coming back to the topic of food, this website is one of the best life hacks I’ve personally ever used. If you don’t know what meal to make with the ingredients in your house as nothing seems to spark your inspiration this website will be your best friends.

You basically choose the items you have from a list of ingredients, and it will give you possible recipes you can make using that information.


We all know Math can be a little (or a lot) challenging at times. This website allows you to enter a problem you need the solution to be it more or less complex, and not only does it give you the final answer, but also to necessary steps to getting there. You can even try it with Geometry and Chemistry problems.


If you’re tired of Spam emails being sent to your account, this website has the perfect solution for that problem. It randomly generates a temporary email address you can use to sign up for different newsletters. And if you need to verify it, the website has a built-in email service that allows users to receive emails on their site.

Never miss another important email because of promotions and ads!


Although old black and white pictures have a certain charm to them, you’ve probably wondered what they would look like if they were to be colorized. Well, lucky for you, you don’t have to wonder anymore!

This website allows you to restore old pictures and make them look brand new! However, the website has a lot more features you may find useful when editing pictures. You can either use it for personal benefits or marketing campaigns and any other design projects.


Without being dramatic, I strongly believe some of these websites might change your life. Many more could be added to this list, but here I just some I’ve personally found very useful over the years!


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