6 Incredible French Movies You Need to Watch!


Whether you’re looking to improve your French language skills or just on the hunt for a good foreign movie, you’ve come to the right place. Personally, I’ve always found French movies particularly fascinating for their unique subject and the rawness they exude. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, explore it for yourself with these 6 incredible French movies you need to add to your “must-watch” list.


1) Playtime



This 1967 Jacques Tati movie is a true masterpiece. A comedy like nothing you’ve seen before, Playtime highlights Monsieur Hulot’s journey through a high-tech Paris. The film is structured in 6 parts which show different aspects of this futuristic society.
Monsieur Hulot’s story is often intertwined with that of a group of middle-aged American tourists who are just as perplexed by this modern world. The visuals and the somewhat “controlled chaos” of this film make it fairly unique.


2) La Belle Personne


Although this wasn’t the best critically acclaimed, it is one of the first French movies I’ve ever seen and which made me fall in love with their particular style.
After her mother’s tragic death, Junie moves to her cousin’s high school where she quickly charms every male student with her beauty and unapproachability. However, this beauty does not go unnoticed by her Italian teacher whom she also has a crush on.
The forbidden love story that’s been done many times before – but not like this.


3) Amélie


This movie is the definition of a “feel-good” film.
Amélie’s self-proclaimed purpose in this world is to help people find happiness. Even though she herself is a shy person, isolated person who often gets caught up in her imaginary world, she helps herself by helping others.


4) Le mépris


Starring the incredibly beautiful French actress, Brigitte Bardot in the stunning setting of Italy. The movie follows the story of Camille and her husband Paul whom she gradually falls out of love with. His actions slowly push her away so much so that it can only be a recipe for disaster.


5) Amour


If the previously mentioned movie shows us the dark side of love, this movie knows no boundaries when it comes to true love.
When Anne suffers a stroke, her husband, Georges finds himself doing everything in his power to help her recover. Even if their love is seriously put to the test, Georges never stops proving his love and support for his wife.
If you don’t usually cry at movies, this film might be the one that breaks you!


6) Intouchables


An unusual friendship between a nobleman and his caregiver makes this movie one of the best and most hilarious movies ever.
After suffering a tragic paragliding accident that leaves him completely paralyzed, the aristocrat Phillippe hires a young immigrant as his “au pair”. Although the two are very different people, they eventually grow very fond of each other. The adventures they go on not only solidify their friendship but also make the movie an amazing comedy.


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