6 Creepy but Fascinating YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe to


The internet is a fascinating, yet dark place sometimes, the place where the dark and mysterious meet. Many of us enjoy reading about creepy subjects such as conspiracy theories and creepypastas, but there is an array of content analyzing much darker stories, some of which are actually real. With all that being said, here are 6 incredible YouTube channels you need to subscribe to if you like unsettling topics.


Where conspiracy theories and reality collide, Nexpo covers mostly viral internet stories and analyzes how they appeared, what they are linked to, and how real they are. All the subjects he covers are very dark and eerie, which is what makes him one of my favorite YouTubers. Not only does he do amazing research for his videos, but the way he shoots and edits his content makes it feel very professional. A true filmmaker in the making.

My personal favorite series he does, and which might have come up in your recommendations, is called “Disturbing Things from Around the Internet” which is exactly what it sounds like. In a less analytic form than his other videos, this series is made up of creepy videos that don’t have much of an explanation behind them but will have you absolutely glued to the screen. So, do you dare to watch them?


This was the first “creepy” channel I’ve ever come across, and it had me hooked since day one! If you remember reading or hearing any incredibly disturbing conspiracy theory, he’s probably debunked it. His videos are really easy to follow as they are not very long and contain valuable yet easy-to-understand information. Although I believe his series debunking conspiracies is his best one, he also makes videos about real-life tragedies and true crime.


Although she mostly focuses on true-crime stories (which, in themselves, are creepy enough), Reignbot’s content used to be similar to the previously mentioned channels: debunking internet mysteries and discussing highly unsettling videos from around the world with her viewers. However, if you’re interested in true crime, you will thoroughly enjoy this channel! If not, you can watch her amazing old videos (and a few of the new ones). Either way, the topics she chooses to cover are gripping. Only if you’re prepared to see how disturbing and creepy the real world actually is.


Nick Crowley, another one of my personal favorite YouTube channels as he mostly covers internet mysteries and creepy videos.

What I find absolutely fascinating about this channel, as well as the others, is the fact that the videos they find and discuss are available to the public, either on YouTube or on other websites. Therefore, they are not secret or hidden, but they uncover things about them first-time viewers might never notice. And this is precisely what I thoroughly enjoy about Nick’s videos.

Most of their evidence comes from Reddit comments however, they also do an extensive amount of research themselves.


This YouTuber covers it all! As long as it’s creepy enough, you’ll most likely find it on his channel. His background research on the topics he covers is very well done and very informative.

I especially enjoy his coverage of old disturbing videos, pictures, movies, games, etc. They bring back a lot of memories most of us forgot about (or maybe suppressed because of how weird they were).


Another captivating channel whose topics cover a vast range of weird and startling subjects. Inside a Mind explores the topics such as missing persons, other odd YouTube creators and channels, and many other fascinating internet mysteries.

Although these channels cover similar topics, they all discuss different videos, so there are endless amounts of creepy content for you to enjoy!


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