6 Chrome extensions to help you improve your school work

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I think we can all agree that sometimes doing online school is more of a challenge than actually going to school. Sitting in front of a computer for hours can be very exhausting. However, online school can have its perks given the endless resources we can use to make our essay writing experience better. Here are a few Google Chrome extensions I have found very helpful when doing homework.


If you’ve ever written a paper for school, you know how important citations and bibliographies are. Teachers often value these aspects as much as the writing itself. And for good reason. Improper citations are usually seen as a form of plagiarism.

MyBib is an extension that generates automatic citations, references, and formatted bibliographies for you. Moreover, since every school/university has its own preferred citation style, you can choose the one that you’re required to use. How it works is you go to a website, click the extension, put in your preferred style, and copy the citation provided by the extension. Simple enough, right?

You can also save them as a project, as to not lose them when researching on multiple sites. And when you’re done, just click “download reference list”.


This is an extension probably everyone has heard of, but maybe you’re still on the fence about it.

Grammarly is basically a spell-checking app for whatever you write outside of a Word Document. When you use Word, you can activate the option to have it automatically correct typos, punctuation, and overall spelling errors in a language. With Grammarly you can choose whether you want your writing to sound more or less formal, its target audience, domain, tone, and intent. Then gives you suggestions on how to improve your writing based on these criteria. However, you can only use it for English.

This is just one of those Google Chrome extensions you won’t believe you ever functioned without.


Podcastle AI/ Natural reader

Most of us have a lot of readings to get through every school year. And this year is definitely not an exception. But we also often find ourselves getting lost in ideas, losing our focus, or just generally find it more difficult to read an online text.

Podcastle AI can read out loud any website for you. This converts your text into audio which you can download to your computer, share with other people and they get automatically saved into the extension, so you don’t lose the articles while doing your research. You can increase or decrease the talking speed which can help make your studying process faster to get through.

Kind of the same idea goes for the other extension as well. The only difference, really, is that you have more voice preference options to choose from. And you can use it for articles in some languages other than English.

Mercury reader

When visiting different websites in our quest to find the information we need, we can stumble upon web pages that are cluttered with ads and other distractions.

Mercury reader helps you focus on your work by removing anything off a page that is not the writing itself. No more disturbances while trying to work.

Weava highlighter

If you’re the kind of person who likes to print out their papers because you prefer to make annotations and highlight the things you need to remember, this is the extension for you.

You can highlight an online article, add notes to it and it will save them to your “Weava dashboard” where you can find all your work. You can choose what each highlighting color means, which helps you sort information, and you can search through your saved files to find specific highlights. Moreover, if you exit a tab or refresh it, your annotations will remain on the site. So, you don’t have to fear that all your hard work will be lost. This is also a very useful way to keep track of all your sources.

Power Thesaurus

Doing research sometimes implies coming across words we don’t really know the meaning of. But to properly understand a topic, we must understand the message behind each word.

Power Thesaurus is an online dictionary that works as an extension and is way easier to use than if you were to just simply look up a word. You highlight any word you don’t understand, click the icon that will pop up below it and it will open a list of synonyms and antonyms for you. If you want more information, you can click “view all” and it will show you more synonyms, antonyms, definitions, examples, etc. This is also very useful when writing your own paper. You can highlight a word you need a better synonym for and just choose one from the exhaustive list.


These Google Chrome extensions are here to make your academic experience a bit better and less difficult or stressful. So go get ’em!


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