6 Books that Deserve to be Adapted for the Screen


I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of tasteless remakes and canceled series. I feel like the producers should listen to the public and turn to literature for inspiration instead. For this reason, I looked over my reading lists and picked out a few books that deserve to be adapted for the screen:

1. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Started as a NaNoWriMo project, the novel brings back the childhood thrill at the sight of the circus tents. But this one is different: all the acts are real. Magic exists and has the power to break teacups as well as souls. The plot revolves around two elderly magicians make a bet on the lives of their newly-found disciples as a way to pass the time. Celia and Marco have to face each other inside The Night Circus, risking the destinies of everyone involved.

6 Books that Deserve to be Adapted for the Screen

The Night Circus

                $10.22 FROM AMAZON           

I chose this title mainly because of the decorum: the circus seems almost alive. Its artists have astonishing gifts that bring the public in night after night. Although I find the book lacking in suspense, a tightly-written script could improve the pace and make the turning point of the story more powerful.


2. Lives of The Mayfair Witches by Anne Rice

The fans of Mrs. Rice’s books have been waiting to see their favorite characters on screen for decades. The author herself worked on several versions of the script at some point, but the project never came to fruition.

The Mayfair Trilogy revolves around an old family of witches, whose powers stem from a capricious spirit. Strong women, lust, love stories, loss, murder, envy, immoral behavior, madness, grotesque deeds – all of them have their place in the intricate family tree. The newest generation has to unearth the secret that has influenced their destiny and make a hard decision: to nurture it or to utterly destroy it.

6 Books that Deserve to be Adapted for the Screen

Lives of Mayfair Witches, 3 Books: Lasher / Taltos / The Witching Hour

                $34.99 FROM AMAZON                

The action takes place in New Orleans, which sets the scene for romance and gore alike. Moreover, it would be a great chance to see every one of the 13 Mayfair Witches in all their unholy glory, starting with Suzanne from the 17th century in  Scotland and following her descendants until modern-day times.

3.Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

A coming-of-age story set in the 1920s, the novel focuses on Casiopea Tun, who unwillingly awakens Hun-Kame, the Maya God of Death. The curse that had imprisoned him now links him to the girl until he defeats his usurper brother. The final confrontation takes place in the underworld, pitting brothers and cousins against one another. The outcome will settle once and for all the true King of the underworld and Casiopea’s fate.

6 Books that Deserve to be Adapted for the Screen

Gods of Jade and Shadow

              $8.73 FROM AMAZON              

Gods of Jade and Shadow is on my list of books that deserve to be adapted for the screen because it focuses on Mayan folklore, a subject less explored in mainstream cinematography. The surprising plot would make a good idea for a movie. Casiopea herself represents a good role-model for youths worldwide because her strength of character helped her to survive the chaos and confront her fears. The novel itself has numerous vivid images that would attract many viewers.

4. The Oscar Wilde Murder Mysteries by Gyles Brandreth

This might be of interest for period drama and literature lovers. The saga comprises seven books that follow the adventures of the well-known Irish aesthete, Oscar Wilde.  Each volume features a murder case set in the late 19th century, all across Europe.

To add a bit of realism, Brandreth included many historical figures, starting with Royal family members and The Pope, and ending with significant people in Oscar Wilde’s life. His friend and poet Robert Sherard, fellow writers Arthur Conan-Doyle and Bram Stoker, his wife Constance, and many others help him to unveil the villain.

6 Books that Deserve to be Adapted for the Screen

Oscar Wilde Mystery #1: the Candlelight Murders

                $2.99 FROM AMAZON               

The Oscar Wilde Murder Mysteries is one of the books that deserve to be adapted for the screen as a tribute to England’s prominent authors. Witty dialogues, intriguing cases, opulent feasts, and period costumes are the key elements to success. The story of Oscar’s downfall is essential as a reminder of the faulted mentality that plagued the society and still does.

5. How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

Out of all the books that deserve to be adapted for the screen, this one is my guilty pleasure.  It tells the story of the Albatross Society, a group of people brought together by a shared secret: they age much slower than regular people. One of them, Tom Hazard, tries to find meaning in his secular life, so he starts teaching. Things run out of control when a woman seems to recognize him.  He should report to the Society, but he can’t bring himself to do it. His worst fears have come to life and he must make a decision.

6 Books that Deserve to be Adapted for the Screen

How to Stop Time

              $12.61 FROM AMAZON             

Tom’s story started when Shakespeare was in his prime. Happiness, pain, fear, and despair marked him ruthlessly. He feels lost, a sensation some of us might have experienced at some point in our lives. Yet Tom goes on with his existence, century after century…until he makes a decision. That was the first step towards a new stage of his life. You see, this is what makes Tom’s journey so relatable: there is no miracle involved, nor a magic spell. It’s a human being’s innate power that would help so many viewers shift their perspective on things. The historical flashbacks and Tom’s odyssey makes How to Stop Time a story meant to fill one’s soul with hope.

6. The Discworld saga by Terry Pratchett

It was impossible to pick a single title since the Discworld saga reunites 41 books written in a lifetime. Some of them are stand-alone, while others are part of the mini-series such as Death, Witches, and Tiffany Aching.

Discworld is a fictive flat planet that hosts numerous species, from fairies and vampires to witches and typical persons. Their adventures are hilarious for the younger audience and an exquisite social parody for the older fans.

6 Books that Deserve to be Adapted for the Screen

Discworld #1: The Color of Magic

              $8.99 FROM AMAZON              

Although I have read only the Tiffany Aching mini-series, Sir Terry Pratchett’s work deserves a place on this list. The diverse characters, strange customs, and landscapes of the Discworld and the universal themes should be explored in a long-running television series.


My list of books that deserve to be adapted for the screen has come to an end – for now. I hope to see at least some of them brought to life and to discover many more worthy stories in the meantime. If you need some new titles to add to your library, check out this list!


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