5 weird beanies from Amazon for your boyfriends


Winter season is here! So is beanie season, so you have to choose the most meaningful beanies from your partner’s closet! Today we’ll discover some nice articles for your boyfriends, friends or brothers to steal them from.

Don’t worry, if you have neither of them, you can buy them for yourself!

1. Pink Beanie

Cold Weather Hat

                $12 FROM AMAZON                

“This one is a really warm beanie for the cold weather. Even though it seems too feminine for a guy, it is perfect for you! It’s perfectly stretchable for both your heads and will surely have his scent on it.”

2. Animal Crossing Beanie

Animal Crossing Beanie

                $17 FROM AMAZON                

“If you know someone who plays Animal Crossing, this is the perfect gift! This beanie is represented by Tom Nook, a very important character. Tom is an economist and a Gemini, therefore it’s an accessory for a special person!”

3. American Beanie

American Flag Beanie

                $15 FROM AMAZON                

“Even though it’s unisex, your republican boyfriend will definitely appreciate it! It’s soft, warm, and stretchable, just like America’s history! And don’t worry if he doesn’t fancy a blue one, these beanies come in a bunch of bright colors to make up his day.”

4. Military Beanie

Military Beanie

                $13 FROM AMAZON                

“If you miss your significant other and he’s in the army, don’t worry, I got you. It’s a Broner hats licensed product, so it’s high quality. And depending on the service he’s performing, you can choose from Navy, Army, and much more!.”

5. Super Mario Bros Luigi Beanie

Super Mario Bros Luigi Beanie

                $16 FROM AMAZON                 

“We’re back with something nostalgic. Super Mario Bros is one of the games that everyone heard about or played in childhood. If he’s mad that the fan-made video from the official website isn’t his, remind him of that with a Luigi beanie!.”





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