5 Ways to Be a Better Human for your Cat

Hello! It is I, Mimi, Iulia’s favourite fur baby! On behalf of my feline friends, I am here to tell you how to be a better human for your feline friends! If you dare not to listen to me I shall claw you in your sleep. So pay attention!

What to DO as a better human

  1.  You should always play with your feline friends. If you don’t have enough time, you have to at least play with them 10 minutes before a meal. Keep in mind that cats are like energy sponges. If there is something that bothers us we get more energetic. And if we don’t have a way to use it up we’ll find ourselves one.
  2. Always clean the litter. And I mean, do it as soon as cats poo or pee. Just think about it: If your housemate didn’t flush the toilet, do you first do your business or flush the damn toilet? And please use clumping litter so you can also scoop the pee balls out of your cats’ toilets.
  3. Please introduce yourselves when we meet. It is very rude to pet a cat without letting them sniff your hand before. What if you are dirty? I don’t want a dirty human hand touching my silky fur! Just present your hand, for example, by relaxing your palm face down and offer it unthreateningly so the cat can smell it. Let the feline approach at their own pace.

What NOT to do as a better human

  1.  Don’t feed us cooked bones! It is delicious but my tummy hurts after I eat one. They are very brittle and can hurt my guts, puncturing my intestines or stomach. In nature cats eat small rodents’ uncooked living bones. We actually need calcium to balance the meat. But cooked bones are a real hazard for us. 
  2.  And finally, don’t use the spray bottle! If you don’t want us to do stuff give us an alternative. For example, if you don’t want us to scratch the sofa then put a scratching post next to the sofa. You don’t want us counter-surfing then give us a high place where we can stay.
(Iulia’s note here: there are auto sprayers / auto air blowers that you can set on any other surface where you don’t want your cat to be. Those are better because your cat won’t start fearing or hating you but rather the machine.)
I really hope that every human that reads this will learn something. Treat your cat companion well and we shall love you every time you give us food. A fair bargain if you ask me. With love, Mimi!


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