5 ways through which we can show support for our artist friends


Regardless of what some people might say, art is an important part of our lives. Basically, everything is art. Imagine your life without it. Imagine your life without designs, without catchy posters, without music and so on. Pretty dull, right? That’s what I’m saying. Long story short, this is an underrated field and some people don’t show support or consideration.

So, what should we do?

Well, support art and artists!


Well, there you go! 5 ways through which we can show support for our artist friends:

 1. Show people their art

If you have a friend who’s an artist, show him/her off! Tell other people to check out their art! And this is how a chain of exposure begins: you show people their art, these people show it to other people and so on! It is very important, because it shows that you care about them and that you want them to succeed.

Moreover, if you have a piece of their art, let it shine! If they paint, hang a painting on your wall. If they are musicians, play one of their songs at a get-together. For example, I have various things that my friends have done and, when asked, I talk about them.

 2. Like/Comment/Share their posts

If they have a site or an account where they post their art, interact with it! Like, comment, share their posts! Trust me, this means a lot to them! This is how their art reaches to more people and this is how they improve. It’s essential that people know about them, because this secures their success and shows them that their art is loved. In addition to this, more and more people can love their art and this increases their confidence.

3. Visit their galleries/Go to their concerts

If your friend has a gallery or a concert, attend it! I’m forcing you! I’m telling you from my personal experience that the fact that my friends supported me when I was in a band meant everything to me. They attended every concert of mine and this gave me confidence. This really put me in a better mood when I was nervous. This, once again, shows the fact that you care about them and that you support them. And this support means a lot. If you can, bring other people as well! The more, the merrier!

4. Write them reviews and give them feedback

If they sell their art online, write a positive review! This will not only make your friends more confident, but it will also show other people that their art is cool and worth buying!

When they ask you what you think of their newest work, be honest! By being honest, you help them improve their skills. Well, I’m not saying that you should be brutal and ruin their dreams. Put effort in your feedback and enhance the fact that everyone makes mistakes and that practice makes it perfect.

5. Encourage them

This is an important one: whenever they talk about their art, encourage them! Tell them that they will be well-known artists and that their dreams will come true. Ask them about their art, get yourself up to date with their exhibits or concerts and attend them as much as you can. Tell other people about your artist friends! This is something that all of us can do.

Being an artist isn’t easy. It’s not really well paid and some people don’t take this seriously. It’s high time we stopped this! Regardless of what you think of art, if you have an artist friend, support them and be by their side! It means a lot to them.


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