5 Great Video Essayists on YouTube To Check Out

5 Great Video Essayists on YouTube To Check Out

If you have some free time and you’re looking to get educated or entertained, you might want to watch a video essay on a topic you’re interested in. Here are some of my favorite video essayists on YouTube and the type of content they create…

1. dangelowallace

dangelowallace is known for his lengthy, controversial and utterly captivating video essays on the online influencer sphere and celebrity drama, although his YouTube career started with art-centered videos. He also has a second YouTube channel where he posts shorter videos, but on a more frequent basis. dangelowallace never fails to deliver juicy gossip and great humor – and he pulls off cat ear headphones with sharp suits really well.

2. Jordan Theresa

Most of Jordan Theresa’s video essays are centered around feminism and topics related to it, and she explains the issues she covers in a manner anyone can understand. One thing that makes her channel unique is the cute, girly aesthetic which is featured in almost all of her videos! Anyone looking to educate themselves on current feminist issues should check out Jordan Theresa’s channel.

3. Khadija Mbowe

Khadija Mbowe describes themselves as a “cool, fun, millennial aunty”. Many of their video essays, though not all of them, delve into the topics of race and racism, and they are extremely educative in that respect. (I recommend their channel to anyone wanting to learn more about these issues!) Alongside their in-depth analyses on serious topics, Khadija Mbowe also makes videos that are more light-hearted in content.

4. iNabber

Similarly to dangelowallace, iNabber is a video essayist whose content usually deals with celebrities, influencers and the madness surrounding them, in a way that’s very fun and easy to follow. If you’re the type of person who is all about celebrity drama, make sure to check out iNabber’s channel – you’ll surely find it very entertaining.

5. Mina Le

Fashion, cinema and pop culture are the main themes of Mina Le’s video essays. Most of these tend to cover fashion choices in television, in particular the historical accuracy of these fashion choices. Anyone interested in fashion, its history and its cultural significance should look into Mina Le’s content.


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