Living on Your Own: 5 Useful Things I’ve Learned about it

living on your own

For some of us, the thought of leaving the nest and living on your own is both scary and exciting. After all, we’ve been dreaming of this since we were kids, right? Well, in reality, living on your own is probably going to make you more aware than ever of how much your parents did for you. And how simple life was. But don’t let that discourage you, living on your own can be as fun as you think it would’ve been too! Here are 5 things I have learned about living on your own after doing it for 3 years.


  • If you’ve never learned how to cook, you’ll have to now

living on your own

Get ready to call your mom or dad up for cooking advice! You know those dishes you used to love so much when your parents made them? Well, you’re the chef now. Even though it may make you a little melancholic at first, cooking can be very fun. You finally get to try those recipes you have saved on your phone or make your inner child happy and just have pasta every night! Honestly, exploring the culinary world is an exciting and tasty adventure.

However, as you get busier with school or work, you’ll find it harder to make time for a proper meal. One thing you might find useful is meal prepping. I personally don’t enjoy doing that, so exam season is quick and easy recipe season!

Oh, and if you’re someone who enjoys ordering every meal, you’ll soon find yourself running out of money faster than you ever thought possible.


  • Going grocery shopping will sometimes seem like a huge investment

living on your own

Now that you’ve chosen your favorite recipes, it’s time to actually buy the ingredients.

I would suggest going grocery shopping about once every week or every two weeks because the longer you wait, the more things you need to buy and the more money you’ll spend. Because let’s be honest, food is only the tip of the iceberg of things you need to buy. However, the most amount of money you’ll spend in a month will most likely go on groceries.

What you might find useful is making a very strict list of things you need for yourself and sticking to it. Sometimes some things can wait. Stick with the essentials if you can’t afford to splurge or go over budget. Trust me, you will regret it if you don’t save some money to go out with friends.


  • Doing laundry feels like waiting for a package to arrive

living on your own

I know it may sound like a weird statement, but doing I personally find laundry day (or days) similar to the excitement of waiting for a package. Honestly, doing laundry is one of the most relaxing and undemanding chores.

You simply find an activity you can do while waiting for it to be done, exactly as you would while waiting for the delivery man to call you.

Still, the smell of fresh laundry is one of the most rewarding parts of doing laundry.


  • There’s always more house decorations or pieces of furniture you feel like you need when you live on your own

living on your own

Being that this is the first place you can make your own, you will want to put a personal touch on it. All those Pinterest boards and dream houses you’ve seen all your life can finally come true! Well, sort of.

You’ll be faced with an overwhelming desire to buy the decorations and furniture that bring it closer to your ideal place. But this desire never ends as there will always be more things you find interesting and some that can even be renewed or improved. In reality, you really don’t need them, and you’ll get over them soon enough. So buy at your own risk.

However, if you’re not into interior design, I’m sure you just want to make your place feel like a home. You might even draw inspiration from your parents’ house and how things were organized there for that authentic homey feel.


  • You now understand why your mom wanted the entire house cleaned when guests came over

living on your own

I don’t suppose anyone enjoyed doing chores at home. Well, lucky for you, if you live on your own you have to do them every day! And no, nobody asks you to, but all those things that bothered your parents will bother you too now. The empty water bottles, candy wrappers, dishes are all your responsibility now. And no, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning does not get easier or more fun. But the aftermath of having a clean house (that you cleaned yourself) is very rewarding. Especially when you have guests over. You don’t want them to judge your lifestyle, so every inch of that house will get cleaned before they come.


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