5 Useful skills to learn this year

“Skills are freedom. Get skilled up!”


Every beginning of the year is an opportunity to start over. In this period, you feel way more motivated, and you might have the intention to start doing and learning brand-new things. If you feel overwhelmed, and you have no clue where should your journey begin, I have some useful, not so useful skills, you might consider giving a chance to.


These days knitting is so underrated. In the past, this skill used to be one of the essential abilities a woman should have possessed in order to marry. Women used to create proper handmade masterpieces with which they would decorate their houses or which they would proudly wear on a daily basis. Nowadays, knitting starts to gradually regain its popularity as more and more people learn it as a way of escaping the quotidian.

Braiding hair

Remaining in the same field, braiding is basically knitting, but instead of working with threads or yarns, you weave strands of hair together. It truly doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, it is a skill that hurts no one, on the contrary, it will bring you popularity among your friends and relatives. Moreover, experts claim that braiding your hair at night helps with hair breakage and, in the long run, braiding can even strengthen it.

A new language learning

Learning a new language is always a good idea. Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, or whatever is appealing to you will you do. The secret is to be consistent and to put a little heart into it. Skills like studying and being able to speak a new language have a lot of benefits. Besides avoiding boredom, it is a nice way to keep your brain occupied. Plus, you never know when your knowledge might come quite to hand.


Cooking is one of that skills that will never get out fashioned. It is true that cooking is an art, but who says that you can’t become an artist? It takes a little practice and commitment, but you will definitely learn more than how to boil an egg or how to fry some French fries. Just think about how proud and contempt you will feel after a delicious diner made solely by yourself.


Dancing might seem like a bit of a challenge for the rather shy type of person, like myself for example, but that shouldn’t stop us from expressing ourselves, or having a good time. Start considering all the advantages this practice has to offer, like improving your mood while fighting against stress and high levels of anxiety. Furthermore, it makes you exercise without the pressure of an actual workout, it can improve coordination, and it can be a great way of stretching between work sessions or meetings as well. So, do play your favourite music and dance like nobody’s watching. You will definitely feel better and that’s all it matters!


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