5 Tremendous Gadgets that would Improve our Life


Although we live in a technologically advanced world, this is only the beginning. I can’t stop but think that many gadgets yet to be invented could change our lives for the better, so I’m making a list of my wildest dreams below. Some of them aren’t exactly gadgets and might sound impossible, but hey! That’s why I’m a writer and not an engineer!

1. Thought Transcriber

Do you know that software that transcribes speech? Kind of like that, but this gadget would access one’s thoughts, put them into words, and store them for further use. As somebody who gets their writing ideas at random moments, this type of invention would benefit me greatly. I can’t stop doing chores/working to jot down my ideas. By the time I can finally do it, the creative content is already too distorted to be any good.

But there are a few things to take into consideration when designing these gadgets. Firstly, the user must have the possibility to decide when to enable and disable the Thought Transcriber function; not every idea is worth keeping. Secondly, the storage medium has to be encrypted or password-protected to keep the owner’s privacy. This matter is tricky, considering the cybernetic attacks and hacking that happens all the time nowadays.


2. Reality Remote Control

Wouldn’t it be great if we could skip some boring moments of our life, like being stuck in traffic or having to wait for an appointment? Why not press a fast-forward button and get on with our lives? I don’t like wasting time, so that’s the main function I’d use such gadgets for. Of course, the possibility of replaying some past moments or slowing them down sounds tempting too.

I know I cross the line into SF territory, and there a million episodes that warn against manipulating time and reality. Still, I’m not here to talk about ethics. But to make sure we’d still have a planet to live on, The Reality Remote Control should have limited power. It should allow the owner to change only aspects of their life and only in harmless ways, such as skipping a queue.


3. Car Detector

I don’t know if this one exists yet, but here’s what I have in mind: a GPS-like app or a tracking device that quickly allows you to find your car in a crowded place. Most of us have wasted time searching for the vehicle in mall parking, so a gadget would come in handy. *teleshopping voice* But that’s not all! Using these gadgets, the owner could also start the heat/AC/ radio in the car from a distance before entering the car. Who doesn’t like a warm seat in the middle of winter?


4. The Wise Fridge

This one is like a smart fridge, but with a few extra features, such as:

  • scanning all the products and setting the alarm near their expiration date. Just think about how much food we waste just because we forget about it and have to throw it away. Not anymore!

  • locking off some compartments after a certain hour. This comes in handy when you’ve just started a diet but suddenly crave ice cream at 2 a.m. Don’t worry, your gadgets got you!

  • suggesting recipes you haven’t tried, based on the previously scanned products. Many of us tend to eat quickly cooked meals or to stick to a few favorites, but it would be nice to diversify from time to time!


5. VR Gadgets that transport you into the book you’re reading

As an avid reader, I’d love to take part in the adventures I’m reading about.  The user could pick one character and impersonate them throughout the book, following the original story, of course. While they can’t change the plot, it would still be interesting to see other worlds, interact with the other characters, experience what a sword fight is like, and so on. The next step would be to connect readers who like the same book and have them play different characters simultaneously. How wild would that be, right?


Could any of these gadgets become a reality shortly? What other gadgets would improve your life? Before you comment, be sure to check out this list of useful gadgets you can buy right now!


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