5 tips for a flawless complexion

5 tips for a flawless complexion

Most women have skin problems. If some of us face pigment spots, others are left with scars due to acne problems, and those areas have colored over time due to the sun. Well, you don’t need a beauty cabinet filled with luxurious creams to achieve a flawless complexion. Instead, add these five essential actions to your daily skincare routine and await incredible results. Here are 5 tips for a flawless complexion:

1.Take off ALL your makeup

We all fell asleep at least once with make-up on, but that’s not a great thing. If you want a flawless complexion, take it a habit to remove your face and eye makeup every single night to avoid blemishes and discoloration.

Types of cleansers

Solid soap – especially recommended for oily or acne-prone skin

Liquid gel soap – suitable for all skin types

Lotion or cleansing milk – for all skin types; is also the oldest and most commonly used facial cleanser

Hydrophilic oil – it is ideal for dry skin; rinse with plenty of water (recommended to be warm)

Biphasic cleanser – has a part oil, part aqueous solution; designed for both eyes and face and is ideal for removing water-resistant makeup

Micellar water – is the newest and most revolutionary product for skin hygiene and successfully combines 3 essential benefits: cleanses, soothes, and tones; it is ideal for sensitive skin.

2.Wear sunscreen (even indoors)

The skin is more exposed to the sun than any other part of the body, so we must protect it using a cream with protection against UV radiation. Sun damage is a major cause of aging and risky health complications further down the road. Get ahead of it now by priming your skin (every day) with a layer of sunscreen before applying your makeup. Invest in a formula that is oil-free and lightweight enough for all-day wear. No clogged pores, no impurities.

3.Avoid touching and picking

There is nothing worse than touching and picking at your face. Your hands are dirty even if you washed them. Touching your face frequently also makes you more susceptible to contracting viruses like colds and flus. So, break this habit! To train yourself not to touch your face, try introducing a substitute behavior. You might keep a handkerchief or clean paper towel nearby, using it any time you want to touch your face. You could also use the back of your arm instead of your hand.

4.Stay hydrated

The skin contains about 30% of the total water in your body. To maintain this percentage, it is essential to keep your skin supple and prevent dehydration that may occur from exposure to toxic factors in the environment. Too little water will cause your skin to lose its elasticity, which will lead to wrinkles and accentuate fine lines of expression. Plus, it’s known to support a healthy metabolism and keep your skin looking fresh and revived all day long.

5.Use a toner

Tonics are products that correct problems related to different skin types and embrace the absorption of a moisturizer. Dry skin is velvety and soothing, combination skin is balanced, oily skin is regulated and mattified and all skin types benefit from deep hydration. A tonic suitable for your skin can give it a healthy dose of what it needs to look younger, fresher, and more velvety.

Golden rule: apply moisturizer while the tonic is still moist on your skin – it will help absorption.


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