5 Tim Burton Horror Films that Caught the Public’s Attention


If you are a fan of the gothic style, you need to check out Tim Burton’s horror films. They are well-known for their creepy imagery, dark humour, weird characters. Many of those films have been quite surprising since they are not like the typical horror genre. Therefore, the audience usually either love them or hate them.

Why are Tim Burton’s horror films worth watching?

Tim Burton’s horror films are perfect for those of you who are not looking for hardcore horror stories. They have an interesting mixture of humour and creepiness that often leaves you mesmerized. With the aid of dark gloomy colours and gothic music, Burton creates an ominous atmosphere. This is exactly what keeps your eyes glued to the screen.

The plot is complex, but not very hard to understand. What is most interesting in Tim Burton’s horror films is the journey we follow along with the characters. Most of them are quite bizarre and creepy, but in the end, they become memorable. If you want more details on Tim Burton’s style, click here.

Like other directors, Tim Burton has had his favourite actors, whom he kept working with. For instance, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are

  • Edward Scissorhands

If you are a fan of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, you are going to love this movie. It involves the motif of the “monstrous creation” left alone in the world. However, in this case, Burton creates a very shy and emotional character. Throughout his integration in the community, we can’t help but feel empathy towards him, despite his rough exterior.

  • Sweeney Todd

This is probably one of the very few horror musical movies I’ve seen. However, it is a complete delight. The story has the perfect combination of emotion and coldness, of humour and sadness. The story is somewhat similar to The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, as the main theme is vengeance. What, in my opinion, makes its success is the music in it, which is beautifully written. You’ll definitely find yourself humming to these songs later on.

  • Dark Shadows

This is yet another Burton film which uses dark perverted humour to make the audience laugh in the most inappropriate moments. The characters seem to have a similar charisma to the ones in The Addams Family. There are many funny and grotesque scenes, but also some tragic sobering moments. In the end, it presents the effects love has on people’s souls.

  • Sleepy Hollow

Firstly, this film is actually an adaptation of the novel “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving. It revolves around the legend of the headless horseman. However, the film also presents us with a love story and an interesting perspective on science and magic. Its gloomy imagery and creepy characters captivate you, making you want to find out how it ends.

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This is a classic Tim Burton movie, which many of you may have watched in your childhood. It is the second adaptation of this story and it certainly is more bizarre than the other one. The imagery is once again very surprising, as everything in the factory is so vibrant and colourful. The costume designers also outdid themselves. The way in which the characters are dressed tells their own story and helps the audience understand them better. The storyline is very comedic, but also very complex and captivating.

Hopefully, this list will have convinced you to give Tim Burton a chance and check out his unconventional cinematography. If you want more film suggestions, check out our other articles on Tim Burton here.


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