5 funny Skincare myths that couldn’t be more wrong

5 Skincare myths that couldn’t be more wrong

5 funny Skincare myths that couldn’t be more wrongSkincare seems to have become a trend nowadays. It’s that part of the day when it’s time to pamper your skin and finally relax. From toners to really fancy serums and face oils, taking care of your skin has never felt so good. And in addition to the benefits that the products you choose to apply have on the appearance of your skin, the whole process can be really fun!

For many people, skincare is clearly an important part of their daily routine. Especially for those who long to to achieve a healthy skin, maintain a younger look and aim for that natural glow-up. There are various methods in which you can apply different kind of products and it can be a little hard to find out just which one of them works best for you. In addition to this, you can find a lot of beauty myths and tricks on the internet that may or may not be always true.

Here are some of the most common  misconceptions when it comes to skincare:

If you are an oily type, you can skip moisturizer5 funny Skincare myths that couldn’t be more wrong

Moisturizing is always really important. They contain formulas that can firm and plump your skin and they also help to prevent wrinkles. Moisturizers don’t only help when your skin is too dry, but can also prevent you from getting too oily, if you choose the right product. People who have this problem may find out that a face cream with a gel-like texture, that quickly absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy finish may be the right choice for them.

You absolutely need to include all the possible steps in your skincare routine

You don’t need to apply that many things to your face. You can of course choose to include them all in your routine if you want to treat your skin and pamper yourself. However, many specialists agree that the most important products which you absolutely need are cleansers, a moisturizer and of course sunscreen. From here you can add things on gradually if you think that they are going to help you improve your skin.

You don’t need to wash your face in the morning

You will see that the opinions regarding whether or not it’s necessary to cleanse your face in the morning are divided. If you feel lost and don’t know what is best decision to make, the answer is simple. You should just do you. Figure out what is best for yourself. If you are really oily, you might find out that washing your face first thing in the morning really helps. Or, on the contrary, your skin may look and  feel better if you skip this step. The thing is, everyone’s skin is unique and what works for others won’t always work for you.

Using make-up wipes is all you need to clean your face

Make-up wipes don’t necessarily get rid of all that buildup on your face, they only remove the firs layer of make-up or impurities from the skin. You should always double cleanse to make sure you got rid of all the residue and excess oil. Using an oil-based cleanser first followed by an water-based cleanser works wonders. By doing this, you can also easily avoid  clogged pores.

You don’t need sunscreen if you are already using products which contain SPF5 funny Skincare myths that couldn’t be more wrong

This is the biggest mistake you can do when you are trying to build a proper skincare routine for yourself. You definitely need to apply sunscreen as the last step because this is the only way you can protect your skin from the UVB and UVA rays. Moreover, it can help you to prevent hyperpigmentation or dark spots. The other products that contain SPF may also help, but it is unlikely that they can fight all these factors by themselves.

Building the perfect skincare routine for yourself takes time. Don’t listen to other people claims and try to figure out on your own what works best for your skin. Everyone is different and you must remember that  there is no magic formula that is always effective.

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