5 brilliant recipes to keep you refreshed and unbothered all summer long


Summer tends to bless us with clear skies, warm weather, long sunny days, and short breezy nights. However, it can curse us as well. The temperatures get out of hand more often than they should. During those unbearable days, it’s hard to even find appetite let alone the courage to get out of the house. The best we should do is to wait for the sun to set while keeping our bodies cool at all times. Here are the staple meals I prepare each summer season that help me survive the insufferable heat.  

Vegan sushi rolls  

5-recipes-to-keep-you-refreshed-all-summer-longI wasn’t the biggest lover of this Japanese specialty until I realized that vegan sushi was also a thing. Now I am obsessed with it and prepare it on the regular especially during these stifling days. Instead of using fish, stuff your nori sheets with rice and a bunch of veggies (my favorite choices include avocado, cucumber, carrot, and fried zucchini) and eat them with some soy sauce.  



Tzatziki is meant to be eaten as a meze or a dip, but I also like to eat it as a light refreshing late-night dinner. Cut up some cucumbers into tiny bite pieces, mince a lot of garlic (or not, depending on your preferences), combine them with Greek yogurt and season well will salt and pepper. Finish with a splash of olive oil on top. Such an effortless recipe yet it tastes so fresh and simply divine.  



I feel like summer wouldn’t be the same without a proper popsicle. However, taking into account the fact that store-bought ones tend to be worryingly high in sugar, you should always prioritize giving homemade popsicles a try. It’s nothing that you wouldn’t be able to manage. Do you happen to have a beloved smoothie recipe? Why not turn it into a refreshing snack? Get your hands on some popsicle molds and make a dessert everyone will fall head over heels with.  

Caprese salad  


No need for a fancy salad when you can prepare a three-ingredient refreshing dish within minutes. Caprese salad, a perfect summer combo of tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil, has been a favorite of mine for years and I have never even come close to being bored of eating it over and over again. The dressing usually consists of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper. The tangy taste of the vinegar gives just enough of a kick to the salad while the olive oil restores the balance of flavors and smooths things out.   



Whenever you feel too bothered to cook, yet are craving something delicious and flavorful, bruschetta is the way to go. This Italian goodness is the ultimate summer meal. The toasted bread makes the bruschetta crunchy while the tomatoes keep it moist at the same time. Tossed fresh basil on top of the bruschetta takes the dish to a whole other level. You can check out the preparation process here. 


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