5 reasons you should start learning Russian right away

I love foreign languages so much that I decided to fulfill this passion of mine and to actually get a degree for it. I knew that I wanted to study English because I have been studying it since kindergarten, but I had to study another language as well. If it was up to me, I’d study every possible language, because all of them are so interesting! In the end, I picked Russian, because I found the Cyrillic alphabet interesting and I liked the Russian culture very much. After two years of studying, I found a lot of reasons why more and more people should start learning this beautiful language. In this article, I will write about 5 of them.

1. It’s not as difficult as it seems

Everyone thinks I’m crazy because I decided to study Russian, because they think it’s difficult. In all fairness, a different alphabet has this effect on a language, but the truth is that it’s not that difficult. Sure, as every other language, it has its difficulties, but it’s not impossible to learn. Moreover, it’s one of the most logical languages I’ve learned: you have the rule and very few exceptions, which is perfect for me! I hate exceptions in a language with a passion. And, to make things better, the alphabet is not as scary as it seems. Once you get the gist of it, everything will be a lot better.

2. You can easily learn other Slavic languages

Because of the fact that they have the same root, it’s fairly easy to learn other Slavic languages. I think this is cool! With a little work, you can become a polyglot! The grammar and some of the words are similar. Even though they have their differences, like every other language, I can’t say it’s a huge challenge once you know a little bit of Russian. Some cool Slavic languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech or Slovak.

3. It can be a challenge sometimes

You might think: But you’re contradicting yourself! You said it was an easy language before! Hold on…I said it’s not as difficult as it seems, but, like every language you will stumble upon, it has its challenges. For example, even though the grammar is fairly logical, it has its difficulties: the verbs of motion, their prefixes and the fact that it has numerous cases. But that shouldn’t put you off! Don’t worry, if you like the language and actually study, everything will be smooth sailing.

4. Russia has an amazing culture

It goes without saying that if you learn a foreign language, you will learn about the country’s culture as well. Fortunately, Russia has an amazing culture! If you learn this beautiful language, not only will you appreciate the Russian culture in a different way, but you will also understand it more. Find out more about the Russian culture and why I love it here.

5. You can make new friends

Nothing is better than talking to a person in his or her mother tongue. If you learn Russian, you can make new friends not only from Russia, but from other countries as well, such as Ukraine. If you ask me, there’s never a bad time to make new friends or socialize! And guess what, you will improve your ability to speak the language and you will have a different perspective.

I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. Russian is an amazing language, which you should learn, because the advantages outweigh the possible disadvantages.
I have found this cool quote: “Умом Россию не понять“, which means: “Russia can’t be understood with the mind”. So what are you waiting for? Try learning this amazing language, you won’t regret it!


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