Audiobooks: 5 best reasons why you should try them out NOW


Audiobooks may just be the best addition to the literary world ever since the historical transition from oral literature to written pages.

Audiobooks refer to a recorded narration of a book, meant to give an enhanced and revolutionary touch to the classical reading experience. So many titles nowadays have audiobooks options available, making it is almost impossible to not find some gorgeous titles to catch your attention. I think there are simply a trillion reasons why you should start listening to audiobooks now, but I will try to narrow it down to only 5 that I find to be most impressive.Audiobooks: 5 best reasons why you should try them out NOW

1. Audiobooks are amazing for commuting and taking long walks

While listening to music can be a good distraction when you want to pass time, listening to an audiobook is totally a better option. It is a lot like living another life while the outer world is simply passing around you. Even when I was having a 9 hours ride with the train, I found that having an audiobook with me can take me away from all the worries and tiredness, and the time was simply flying by.Audiobooks: 5 best reasons why you should try them out NOW

2. Audiobooks are simply perfect for multi tasking

If you are someone like me, you may get easily bored while cleaning, copying notes, or eating. So I always try to do two things at once to keep myself at least mildly entertained. If it is not an activity that requires me to read or listen to something else, I always find myself putting an audiobook on to keep myself entertained while sorting out tiresome chores.

3. While your favorite book does not have a movie adaptation, it certainly has an audiobook one

We all dream of seeing our favorite books and series getting adapted into live-actions. But such fantasies are rarely fulfilled in the real life. And while we may not get a visual adaptation, we can surely get an audiobook one. So many books have full cast narration (different narrator for every character)which truly makes for a memorable listening experience that brings the story to life.

Also, so many of the one actor voiced narrations are SO good, the narrator actually drawing an unique voice for every single different character. It is simply magical, and I think nothing enhances a story better than a well done audiobook.

4. You can turn any audiobook in bedtime stories for grown-upsAudiobooks: 5 best reasons why you should try them out NOW

I think a lot of us grew up listening to recorded fairytales on our radios, and for a great part of our childhood, they were a great way for us to fall asleep. And now, as a grown-up adult, you can do it with audiobooks as well. There are so many options to explore when it comes to audiobooks, but my very favorite is for sure Scribd .

On Scribd, you can even schedule how long you will listen to your book beforehand, so you won’t have to stop it when you feel like falling asleep. Maybe you don’t really feel like reading after a hard day at school or work, but how about you get to listen to a few minutes of your current read before dozing to sleep?

5. You will get to read more books than ever before through audiobooks

Although we would really want to read all the thousand books we have on our TBRs, we will (probably?) never have the time. There are new exciting books coming out every month that we will want to read, and our tbr shelves only get bigger and bigger. So we have to narrow it down to the books that are really worth or our. But because of audiobooks, we may actually get to read.

If I have convinced you, or you want more recommendations about some amazing books to try on audio, check out this amazing Spring Books list.


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