5 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing A Musical Instrument


Do you love music? Forget that I asked, who doesn’t love music? Who doesn’t enjoy lying in bed, being stress-free, and listening to music?

Everyone knows that listening to music is extremely beneficial, as it reduces stress and it puts you in a better mood. But what about being the one who actually makes music?

Obviously, playing any kind of musical instrument gives you multiple advantages.

What advantages?

There are many of them, but today I will write down 5 reasons why you should start playing a musical instrument as soon as possible!

1. It reduces stress levels (obviously)

I think all of you saw this coming. Playing a musical instrument, like listening to music, reduces stress levels and makes you feel more relaxed. Every genre has its impact on the brain and stimulates it in one way or another. For example, the best genre for relaxation and reducing stress is (obviously) classical music.

2. It helps you feel more accomplished

As a musician myself, I can heavily confirm this one. When I first started playing, I felt happy and accomplished because I managed to learn that one song I liked. And later, after I joined a band, the feeling intensified: not only was I very proud of myself after successfully performing in front of a huge crowd, but I also had a sense of achievement. You’re recognized for something you worked so hard for. Amazing, right?

3. It enhances your creativity

I think this one is a no-brainer, but I really wanted to write it down. By playing a musical instrument, you contribute to the improvement of the creative side of your brain. Regardless of what you’re doing, either writing your own piece or playing someone else’s song, you still add creativity to it. You can’t replicate a song like another performer: the cover you play has your own personal touch. And if you ask me, that’s impressive!

4. It improves your time management skills

Like almost everything we do during our lives, learning how to play a musical instrument requires a lot of practice. You always have to allocate at least 30 minutes a day for practice if you want to know how to play and a lot more time if you actually want to be a professional musician. It takes work to add your new passion to your schedule, but it’s not impossible. Ever since I started playing, I started to be more careful with my time and not only do I practice every day, but I also have time for other things, such as extracurricular activities or going out with my friends. It takes time (no pun intended).

5. It expands your social circle

“How?” you may ask. Well, it’s simple! You start knowing other people with the same interest and you become friends. Moreover, if you join a band or an orchestra, it’s even better! You learn how to collaborate and you gain some important skills, such as team-building, leadership and working with other people in general.


So, what are you waiting for? As you can see, playing a musical instrument has various advantages. Grab any musical instrument and start learning! It can do wonders for you! You’ll be a better person in no time, trust me!


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