5 good and honest reasons why you have to pick up a hobby! 


Let’s be honest, scrolling your wall on various social media platforms does not count as a hobby. It’s quite sad, actually. I cannot even count how many people who either don’t have or don’t want to have a hobby, I’ve met. When I asked them why aren’t they giving a try, they told me: “gimme a reason” or “napping is a hobby”. Well, my dear readers, in this article I will give you 5 huuuuge reasons why you have to pick up a hobby NOW! 

It’s stimulating 

How many times have you felt really empty and bored without given reason? I think most of us experienced this. I will give you an answer and reason: you need a (new) hobby! If all you do is being a couch potato, you shouldn’t be surprised you feel so…empty. Having a hobby keeps you energized. Discovering a new hobby is refreshing. So, think what you’d like to do. Sewing? Drawing? Maybe cooking? Make-up? Or programmingChoose your fighter, big pal!  

It’s a great conversation starter 

When you meet new people, the vast majority will try to start “small talk”. And do you know which question is most popular? Exactly! “What do you do in your free time?” Imagine responding with: “nothing” or “scrolling social media”. It’s a little depressing, innit? Of course, I’m not saying how people perceive you is a reason to start having a hobby. However, you’d meet so many interesting individuals that have things in common with you! It’s really refreshing to hang out with people who share similar hobbies! 

You could learn practical things 

When I saw this one girl throwing away a blouse because a part of the trim came undone my jaw dropped. Why waste so many things when you could repair them? She told me she doesn’t know how to sew. This surprised me. I’ve been sewing stuff, as a hobby, ever since I was a wee fella. I grabbed that blouse and in 20 minutes it was as good as new! What I’m trying to say is: having a hobby could teach you practical stuff. Sewing, cooking, repairing all kinds of stuff, programming, one hobby can be a great reason to learn how to do things on your own! 

A hobby can help your career 

One of my many hobbies consists in drawing. “Drawing? Really? What are you, 5?” is one of the mean responses to me telling people I love drawing in my free time. Welp, it’s not a “childish” hobby, since I earn money from it. And the sum is not bad at all! Keep this in mind: try not to do what you like for free. Is this a good reason to start having a hobby? 

The advantages outnumber the disadvantages 

Shall I give you more than one reason to start a hobby? Allow me, then! Hobbies help you reduce the everyday stress, prevent bad habits and enrich your knowledge! Honestly, if I had to give you a disadvantage on starting a (new) hobby almost nothing comes into my mind. Maybe the fact that if you have too many hobbies can occupy a lot of your time? Of course, anything has to be done in a “normal amount” .


Having a hobby or two is really fun, educative and useful in many situations. Maybe you like more peculiar hobbies, such as collecting Pokemon cards or drawing with sand. That’s, in fact, a great thing! Doing something that you like and being productive is a great asset and trait. It could help you with CV, job hunting or even making money. At least, give it a try! It won’t hurt trying, am I right? 


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