5 reasons why buying secondhand clothes is great

Buying secondhand clothes

I have already myth-busted 3 of the most common misconceptions about secondhand clothes, showing that these clothes are NOT rubbish and wearing them is NOT an unhygienic practice and NOWHERE near related to poverty or social status.

Today, adding up to the idea already developed in the previous article, I am going to give you 5 reasons why buying secondhand clothes is indeed awesome.

1. Secondhand shopping is eco-friendly and people-friendly

5 reasons why buying secondhand clothes is great

The most important reason why you should buy secondhand clothes is sustainability. Secondhand shopping/thrifting means recycling, so it helps protect the environment. Buying and reusing clothes for whose confection a lot of material and resources have already been used means that you spare the planet from losing even more of those resources and suffer more because of the chemic substances and dyes used to make new clothes.

Buying secondhand is part of the slow fashion movement which opposes fast fashion industries. Clothing companies make a huge profit by mass-producing clothes at prices affordable for most of the population. They launch temporary trends to encourage people to continuously buy their products, making garments become disposable and easily replaceable items, as many of them end up in landfills and contribute to the overproduction of waste. This has, undoubtedly, dangerous impacts on the environment and increases pollution.

Not only is fast fashion harmful to the environment and encourages overconsumption, but it also exploits people from under-developed countries who work in garment factories. They are provided poor and unsafe working conditions and outrageously low wages. 

Therefore, if we buy secondhand clothes, we discourage and may even stop the destructive and unethical behaviour of the fast fashion industry.

2. Fair prices and more money in your pocket

5 reasons why buying secondhand clothes is great

Not only does it help the world, but secondhand shopping also benefits you personally. The clothing items in thrift shops are super budget-friendly, their prices are even more than 10 times smaller than those they were originally sold for. And if you ask me, these prices reflect the real value of these clothes, otherwise overpriced in fast fashion stores.

For example, brands like H&M or Zara sell an ordinary, plain shirt for 15 euros, which I think does not worth the money if we take into account the mid-quality materials and sometimes not impressive models and tailoring. But this is less frustrating when you buy such a product for 3 euros or less in a secondhand shop. Thus, by spending less on clothes, you will save up a lot of money that can be invested in other (more) useful things.

Moreover, if you are someone who gets bored of clothes quickly or changes styles often, buying secondhand is a very pragmatic choice. Why? Because you will not spend a fortune on clothes that you only wear one season, but will spend less on varying your wardrobe as you please. Don’t forget, however, to recycle the clothes you don’t longer need!

3. Designer clothes at advantageous prices

5 reasons why buying secondhand clothes is great Top brands like Luis Vuitton, Channel, Dior, etc are targeted to a relatively small segment of people, being mostly inaccessible for those with average earnings (i.e., the majority of us). If you are a fan of designer clothes or simply passionate about fashion, but you can afford them or you are not willing to spend huge amounts of money to satisfy this whim, then secondhand shops are the best solution for you! You won’t believe your eyes when you find a 1500 euro Channel bag sold for 50 euros, or a 1000 euro Dolce & Gabbana jacket for only 10 euros, or God knows what others bargain!

Are these items so cheap because they are in a horrible state? No, not at all. Most of them look impeccable. The prices in secondhand shops are very much reduced so that everyone affords anything. And sometimes, they don’t even look at the name on the tag. They sell these clothes for the same price as other items in the same category, be them no-name brands, mid-range or high-top brands. And to buy original designer clothes which are in a perfect state and made of qualitative materials at such a low cost, I think is a great deal!

4. You’ll be surprised by unique treasures  

5 reasons why buying secondhand clothes is great

You will only understand the joy and content of shopping in a thrift store if you try it, but let me give you an insight into it: 

You will embark on a kind of a competition where you must scout for unknown goodies. The satisfaction you will experience each time you come into an unexpected treasure is greater than you can imagine. What makes this treasure hunt in thrift stores so attractive is the mystery, the unknown: you can’t come prepared, you can’t predict what you’ll find, everything is a surprise!

The merch in secondhand stores does not come in lots, so, more often than not, each article is unique, in only one size, reserved for the one who finds it first. It gives you a nice feeling to know that those garments you have found are one-of-a-kind and that the chances are low that somebody else owns the same things. So you’ll have unique outfits to boast with!

5. Secondhand clothes free your creative spirit 

5 reasons why buying secondhand clothes is great

If you are someone who likes making experiments with their garments and gives them a new life by playing with scissors, needle and thread, then secondhand clothes are a game-changer.

Whether you want to transform them into different items, reshape them partly, or adjust them so they fit you better, thrift clothes are the real deal, and let me explain why.
Your attempt may fail if you are not a professional, and the resulted items may not be wearable. For this reason, you don’t afford to destroy pricy clothes bought from big retailers because this would mean wasting quite a lot of money. But if each of those garments costs about 3 euros, there is not that much of a loss, so you can try different creative experiments.

The possibilities are unlimited. Just let your imagination flow and enjoy the art of restyling thrifted clothes! And be proud of yourself: not only do you offer old clothes a new life by purchasing them, but you also give them a new personality and look by leaving the mark of your creativity on them!


I am pretty sure that, by now, you have found at least one reason to go thrifting for clothes. There are plenty of variants, both online shops and physical stores. You may want to start by checking the local secondhand stores in your area. Give them a try and explore further!

And don’t forget: clothes are not disposable! If given a second chance, they can live for a long time. Maybe not in your wardrobe, but someone else’s. So don’t throw away anything, RECYCLE! If your relationship with any of your garments has come to an end, there are other people out there that will surely fall in love with them. And the same goes for you! Countless clothing items are waiting for you to fall in love with them.


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